Which thread has been the most captivating?

Which thread has been the most captivating?

  • The RKC steals money and rails.

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • deanoc misrepresents Schmelke cues for profit.

    Votes: 8 66.7%

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The RKC steals rails and money thread.

The deanoc misrepresents Schmelke cues for profit thread.

What are your reasons for your answer?

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No doubt. Any thread about cues. A stick with a tip on it...each thread more captivating than the previous. Opinion number 22 thousand on a stick...revealing secrets of matter and energy down to the subatomic evil.

I know as soon as someone comments on a ‘particular’ cue that they are full of BS. Good players keep their cues for years and don’t spend time trying new cues. To quote Ronnie O'Sullivan when asked about equipment ‘I don’t know’.I just use this one’.

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I always thought RKC was something of a jerk, knowledgeable as hell, shared a ton with AZ, at the end of the day I'd likely still have a beer with the guy, especially if he apologized and returned that mans rails and money.

Dean I always liked until this whole Jackpot fiasco and thought him a great guy. Not as knowledgeable about cue construction as Glenn when it comes to tables(i.e. magic draw cue).
Although the way he name drops his friends who are undeniably some great builders in the industry it was confusing what Dean's level of knowledge was, I say that because I am not sure Dean even knows what he likes in a cue.

I guess I thought Dean a big collector trying to spread a love of cues and pool who realizes he can't take it with him, when he really is more of a flipper out to make a buck. Actually, I have no clue with him.

So a story about Dean, he hit me up by private message wanting to sell me a Tom and Jerry photo like in my avatar, told him I wasn't interested, he then offers it to me for free. I also declined the free offer, but thought "here is a nice guy."

So I guess I found the Dean stuff more interesting, heck I wasn't that surprised by Glenn's story except that he wasn't responding to the guy, I took Glenn as one to take the money and burn the rails in a bonfire and send a picture.

(Sorta joking about the last part).


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Seriously? ...we've already forgotten Danny H and the fake 626 brigade?

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Neither is captivating.

Once the pool rooms open, restaurants and clubs open, live sports played and broadcast and money to be earned, these will fade as others before.

You want captivating, scroll the Sexy Images of All Kinds thread in NPR.