World Pool Masters (22-25 May2021) Winner $25K

Bob Jewett

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For those who didn't catch a stream, here are highlights of the finals:


Agreed that 1/2 a billion was a slight exaggeration, but I've been present for so many of Kazakis' failures against Shane, that it felt like that many.
Basically where I was coming from with the Filler vs SVB thing. No doubt SVB has beaten Filler before, as Mike showed, but Filler has beaten him on the big stage much more often, and more recently. He's also done it since he became a household name in the pool world and started racking up titles, whereas SVB hasn't won any majors in quite some time. Even though he didn't take down the tournament, I think SVB beating Filler hill-hill was big for him and goes far beyond just advancing him to the next bracket of the tournament purse.


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Not sure I like the winner breaks format. Alex clearly deserved to win but considering how strong Shane had been breaking previously I’m sure he would have won a few racks if it was alternative break. It would have been interesting to see how Alex’s nerves would have held up if he was trying to run the table at 8-4 or 8-5 rather than 8-0.


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What a bizarre final day. 2 relatively exciting hill hill semifinals capped by shockingly whitewash first time in World pool Masters final. Congrats to Kazakis.
On balance, World Cup of Pool was way more enjoyable and exciting.

It's not QUITE half a billion: Kazakis beat Shane at both the 10-Ball Challenge and the 9-Ball Challenge CSI events in July 2017

Once upon a time some years ago in Greece
Back when Nikos was the top name
Shane also lost to Kazakis who played like a beast
In the tournament and couple of money game.
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