WORLD POOL (nineball) CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 April2022), UK, Winner $60K


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Out of 32 matches in the first round of single elimination, only five upsets (and the last one or two should not really be considered an upset):
72 points: Lo Ho Sum (747) def. Eklent Kaci (819), 11-7  
36 points: Thorsten Hohmann (786) def. Francisco Sanchez Ruiz (822), 11-6  
36 points: Ronald Regli (780) def. Ko Ping Chung (816), 11-6  
15 points: Dimitri Jungo (773) def. Mieszko Fortunski (788), 11-10  
1 point: Abdullah Alyousef (753) def. Robbie Capito (754), 11-9
The other 27 matches were won by the higher-rated player.

don't know if regli's win is an upset either, given lil ko's absence from tournaments


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Day 3 Evening Session starting now 530pm UK time
Last 32 race to 11
All big name matchups. The real party is starting now :LOL:

day 3 evening.jpg

jay helfert

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Which Shane? :ROFLMAO:

SVB leads Lotfy 9-8
Shane Wolford is shooting lights out on Table 2 . This kid is good

FSR another seed about to be knocked out trailing Thorsten 3-10
I really like the gray cloth. It's aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes. Also seems to help in seeing the correctly colored balls (thank you MR). No problem here knowing which ball is which on this layout. Notice also the predominant use of the the end zone camera, mounted about 30 degrees up from the table. This is similar to what they use in Snooker events. This is by far the best way to watch pool, and only needs to be complemented with side view and close up cameras on a few shots where the end zone may be blocked out (or to get a reaction from a player). Forget the overhead camera! It was never a good way to watch pool in the first place.

One last thing when watching this match, even so briefly. After over 60 years of banging the balls I still see the simple beauty of the game of 9-Ball. No wonder it has been the most popular pool game among real pool players for all those years. No other pool game is even close in popularity, especially on regulation size tables. Eight Ball is primarily a small table game. I enjoy the simple elegance of the rack and the vital importance of a good break. And then the contest for that rack begins. Bravo to MR again for leading the way to a better future for our sport.

P.S. Yoshioda makes a nice run out to win the match over Shane W., with a terrific shot on the two ball and another good shot getting from the seven to the eight to ice the victory. This guy is a serious player!
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Killer lineup in Shane's group of 8 in the round of 32 which includes Shaw, Big Ko, Chang, and Oi.


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If you already have shot clocks on all tables you don't need base what rack you use on expedience.

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If you already have shot clocks on all tables you don't need base what rack you use on expedience.
I think it’s more about reducing time between racks rather than speeding up the games themselves. Although the latter may be part of it as well.


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Ko wins hill hill over Shaw in a match with a few momentum shifts.:LOL:
Shaw led 6-2 with number of B&R. Aided by few fouls scratches by Shaw, momentum shifted and Ko somehow won 8 racks in row playing better tactical game to get on hill despite poor breaks and few B&R.
Trailing 7-10, Shaw fluked in this 2-9 kick combo which again changed the momentum.

Shaw got to hill hill in a flash, broke final rack but no shot on 1. Sold out on safety exchange, Ko takes the rack and the match for a place in last 16 tomorrow
10-10 hill hill.JPG