WTB-Antique ivory billiard balls complete set

Overland Tom

Overland Tom
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Antique Ivory Billiard Balls

There is a complete set on my website (www.recollectioncues.com) that are for sale. They are in excellent shape and in the the original Brunswick box. Email me through the site if you're interested.

Mr Hoppe

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I too have a set or two that I would sell. PM me your e-mail and I will try to get some pics to you.
Mr H



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Mr. Hoppe...

Wow, Mr Hoppe you are the man. Most people have seen a cue ball here and there and you... have most the others that have disappeared. Not only are you a wealth of information, but also a wealth of stuff...
You are a great asset to this site!
Dan Z


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antique billard ball

I am looking for an antique billard ball. Web searches led me here. Do you have one that is not part of a set that is for sale? It does not need to be in great condition.

hunger strike

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ivory balls

WTB--Antique Ivory billiard ball complete set

From reading your subsequent post to Mr. Hoppe, it seems like you want ivory pool balls, not billiard balls. Expect to pay over $3000 for a matched set. Be very wary of all-red colored ivory ball sets. Several sets that are for sale out there have been re-dyed. This is because it is far easier to just dye them all red than to do eight colors in solids and stripes. Total ripoff there.