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  • my name is Bil
    have many collectable pool and billiard items(many antique).I've been collecting for over 30yrs.I live in Oroville,Ca.
    contact me by email or phone.I prefer phone(like talking rather than writing)
    phone no. 530-990-4525
    There are soooo many duplicate threads on here, and I am as guilty as anyone. I wonder if there is a way to have a pop-up warning when someone attempts to start a new thread telling them to please research their topic with the search function and post on a prior thread if possible. That's how it works in hospitals.... a doctor orders a gallbladder test and the popup warns them to keep the patient prepped for the exam. Without that, I guess the next best way to help someone who is researching a topic is to sort the threads by their rating instead of date. I love AZ, it's a great tool. Just trying to have positive input. Thanks for all you do.
    cool. a guy asked me specifically if I had two different types of rare cues. Not only did I have both types, but they are pristine for 125+ year old cues AND they came together! But he didn't step up yet. I wasn't trying to sell them but when he asked if I had any, I got to thinking about what I could do for my girlfriend with the money. I will email pics
    id love see what you have, i cant promis im gonna buy, but there is a good chance i will, or can help you sell them

    my email is


    Eric :)
    i didnt see them, my hotmail account is a mess, i'm getting a lot of things going into my junk box that shouldnt be there. Also I didnt check it for a week during the Mosconi Cup. I'm back online daily now, so i'll look again, I'd love to see them for sure.

    sorry to be a pain in the ass,

    happy Christmas,

    send me pics of the cue to:

    hope you had a good Turkey Day,



    I will trade you my cigar box with the BBC image for your push plate and one of these books?
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