WTT Only BB plain 4 pointer


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Scruggs is Gone Nick I really would like to get a SW. Gonna hold out a little longer for one here are my rankings

1. Southwest
2. Cog
3. Scruggs

nick serdula

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Should have kept the TS

By the way one bump every 48 hours please. I can sell you a used non Ivory TS shaft for $200 that will fit your BB..
Nick :)


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I have Scruggs and cash
Send me a pm if you are interested in a rare 4 point 5 vaneer hoppe players cue

Thanks Chris

Kickin' Chicken

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here's a real nice Scruggs that you might want to consider. One orig ts shaft and one older schon shaft w/matching ringwork that hits just as good as the ts.

this cue is in beautiful cond,, refinished by Proficient and stored ever since.

Tough to tell from the pics but it's a d-e-e-p cocobolo.

And it's a stone-cold player. :thumbup:

let me know and gl with your search.

brian kc


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