YOUR greatest shot ever.....


No handed breaks too
Playing eight ball I was on the eight while my opponent had most of his balls still on the table. I kicked three rails, hit the eight and knocked it in between several of my opponent's balls right into the pocket at high speed. I looked around and said "Any questions?" The best part was that the pretty charming waitress whom I have a crush on was watching and thinks I'm the greatest pool player on the planet.
Gotta love it when it impresses the ladies!

Chili Palmer

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OK that was cool. Hard to tell from the low res video but it looks like a 9-10 combo in 10 ball? But then you rack for 9 ball... :unsure:

It was 9B, that was a 1-9 kick/combo. It was a weird tourney where I played my table and the guy in Canada played his table. If you notice his shot before mine he tried laying up by the 1B knowing I couldn't see my 1B hoping he would get BIH or at least another shot at the table. I noticed others doing that in the previous 4 matches (which our side all lost) and I said nope - no shenanigans for me - I'm just going for it, I'm the only one out of the 5 that won their match.