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  • Thank you for the greenies! Not sure what they mean, but it was my pleasure to post the announcement about the new table at Breakers in Pgh. Glad to see any room expand its game offerings.
    Hey Dave,

    Uncle Larry keeps on asking about you and how you are and yes Lettuce still plays, he shows up at Edgies' once in a while to play 1P.

    Hey Dave, Its Greg Short. Just wondeing if you might have or know where I could get a Justis 3x6 case. Let me know.

    Thanks, Greg
    Hi, Danny played real good....but even he said he was working off the ring rust.....it wont be long til hes back killin em'!

    thanks, ill probably be buying it then, would you be possibly interested in buying it from me? obviously without seeing it i dont expect a for sure decision just a thought
    It's hard to say without pictures but it could ba a Showcase cue, and as you may know, Showcase is now out of business.
    hey dave, i found a very nice cue that im wondering about buying for an amazing price but im not sure who makes it, it has a stealth shaft wood joint in the shaft nice wrap and its signed but i cant quite read the name and has the symbol Cs on the bottom the s is kinda inset inside the c i was wondering if you knew who this was that made it
    I do have one. Thanks for asking:

    I have a Judd sneaky w/fancy rings (the shaft is 13.75/4.1oz) and the points are not perfect w/very slight finish flaw in the joint - I use my other Judd shafts w/the butt that's why I never had it cut down. The butt is 15-15.1 Oz and very well balanced and straight. Asking $360shipped obo

    here are pics of the Judd sneaky:



    If you cannot see the pics, please send me your email and I'll send them again.
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