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  • Well Senor,

    I sent the registration in for the 8 Ball and the 9 Ball BCA. Are you going? Planning on an OC visit soon? yes I was talking about shooters in HB. Ran into your buddy Frank in vegas over the weekend he says hi
    Sorry we did not make it down to San Diego. Our 4th for masters on Sat could not make it so I had to play. Anyway give me a call I have a couple new spots and a decent saturday tourney we could play at in Huntington. They have 4 diamond tables usually get a crowd of 25-32.
    I am sure that we will go to the saturday sessions. I was at the the WPBA Hardtimes event last Saturday. Thought I might run into you there. I did get to watch Darleen play a great match which she won 6-1. Nicol' s game is really starting to take shape.


    I dont remember if i repluied to your message, I was in Vegas during the Swanee. I had planned on comming but I did get a bit busy with work, and had a couple meetings that got pushed into the weekend. my back wasnt the best either, it is better now. I didnt get to LA until Tuesday afternoon. If I was in LA i would 1000% have been there. Jay Helfert mentioned at dinner the other nite he told a few PPL that I was in LA, he was mistaken. Not a big deal, I hope.

    sometimes I forget where I'm at. When I wake up before I open my eyes I will think In in the other spot-that used to happed frequently, not so much the past 7 or 8 years, but the first few years i lived in 100% in LA/Vegas, i would wake up often and be suprized where I was at. I love living in 2 places, I will do that long as possible. LA will awalys be in the loop, not Vegas. I'm leaving there permantly.

    eric :)
    Well Sorry that I did not make it out there, How did you do? Who did you get to play? Nicol and I dogged out of the doubles. Then it being Vallentines weekend and all, I kinda had stay around. I am definately going to play in the BCA. 100% for sure in the 8 ball and probably/mabee/hopefully the 9 Ball.
    Hey Mr. Einstein,

    Unfortunately I will not be playing in the Swanee. There is a Dutch Double qualifier on Sat that Nicol and I are going to do. I might try and get up there Sat night or Sunday. Issac and Doug are playing in it. I am going to play in the BCA both 9-ball and 8-ball again

    Good Luck
    Thanks Ernie. The first lesson went really good. I have a lot of practice to do this next week, but I am getting there. Hope you have (had by the time you read this I'm sure) a great time in Vegas at the Mosconi.
    Yes the lesson went very well. I have met Robin a number of times before and I did mention your name to her..... She said who is that???? I am just kidding yes she new you and said to say hi. She is working on her stroke right now. She seems pretty excited to improve. I am also going to start Ashley out with Robin after the Holidays
    i dont have PM's on here, email me and i will give you the scoop :)


    I will be at the M-Cup, I dont know about the reception, but maybe-I will tell you(I cant post why here in public). I will be at the M-Cup everyday for most of the time I'm sure of that. Are you comming for sure?
    Ernie, I am so sorry I missed your call. I was in LA and just got to my phone on the last ring, I called it back and it was Palace Station, I racked my brain trying to figure out who was calling me. I ended up staying in LA much longer than I expected too, on biz. A few meetings popped up last minute. I really feel terrible-I screwed up at Hardtimes and then missed your call. I told Kelly I dogged it-she agreed, and says hello. I owe you 2 dinners, I dont know my schedual yet(give me a ring and I'll explain) I will be in Vegas for the M-Cup.


    PS I am very very sorry. I dont like to be a flake and I have been and thats just wrong. I sincerly appologise
    Mr Einstein,
    Well Tomorrow is the big day for Nicol. For Christmas she is taking lessons from Robin starting tomorrow. She will probably have to give us atleast the 8 out within a couple weeks. Anyway have a great time on your trip and thanks again for the invite I sure wish I could pull it off.
    i might be here for T-day, i might not call me its 50-50,
    I will 10000% be here for the M-Cup, thats going to be fun.

    Kelly is doing great, she has really been doing good at the gym the past few months and feels/looks great. i'm so happy for her. I will tell her you said hello.

    I hope you have been good, I feel bad we didnt connect at HT, that was my fault-I appologise.

    my very best

    Yeah pics of those cues might be a pretty cool idea.. John did give me some info to pass along to you as well. The book he was talking about that he swears by is; Blackjacks hidden secrets without counting by George Pappadopoulos. Might take me a bit to get those pics. I will be competeing in Vegas this weekend at the Southwest challenge.
    HI Ernie, Sorry we didnt get to go to dinner, i got caught up doing commentary, I went looking for you and couldnt find about 90 mins after I shook your hand, Kelly says hello. Were at the US Open, its a great time here. looking foward to seeing you soon, and its my turn to buy. i will be mostly in Vegas the next 4-5 months.

    Not totally sure but I have refered quite a few people to the site via leagues tourney's or whatever. Tell chuck to call me I should have some time this weekend.
    hey ernie,

    sounds good anytime just let me know when. thats great news about chuck. dan works in fullerton on occasion but lives in stanton i think.
    Hey Ernie,

    Yes was a great day of pool. Chuck is a great guy to and welcome over anytime. We will have to finish the rubber match "THE OC vs.the VC" We should probably get some TAR live streams for some serious action. BIg league night tonight!! in 1st 2 clear last night 2 of 5 clinches. ttyl DR
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