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  • Hi Dr. Dave, Nice to know you're visiting the Main Forum. I hope you come across my recent post about my desire to understand why snooker tables use a broad cushion profile compared to pool tables. My post is titled, Cushion Profile Dynamics. Thanks so much for all you have done for understanding and promoting pool. Greenthumb
    Good evening Dr. Dave!

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for the game of billiards.

    You have done for billiards what Albert Einstein has done for science.

    All your material is the gold standard of all instruction and gameplay.

    Absolutely AMAZING!

    Thanks again!
    Thx Dave. I remember when I first started in the early 60's I read this small instructional article, by the BCA. Mosconi was giving helpful hints on how to play. One piece I took to heart, and mind you back then NO one would help you improve, and there were Very few books out at that time. I learned from that pamphlet, if you wanna make a ball that's frozen to the rail, you must hit the ball and the rail at the same time, so I groomed my entire game with that concept in mind, and during the days of 14.1, getting the correct angle (speed control) for me was key in running 50 balls, then the next threshold was 80 then the next threshold was 100 or more. I never knew or heard about Squirt, deflection, gearing and all those aspects of ball collisions, I just played and developed allot of bad habits, but because of the way I taught myself, my speed control is as good as it can be. Have a great fall and might see ya at the turkey shoot.
    Hello Dave,

    New to the AZ forums and discovered your Billiards University Exam.

    That Wagon wheel is tough! I like the exam because it shows me what I need to work on.
    This test is a well rounded examination of a players skill.

    I took a cursory run of the exam and found I did most of the first part fairly well--except for the Wagon Wheel.

    I also found that the draw from position 7 was difficult. Something I can work on.

    Thank you very much!

    Michael Shehan
    Dr. Once again thanks for all you do,and have done.
    Need a little help with..on a 1/2 ball hit with running english,will both the object ball and cue ball arrive at the rail at the same time?I believe a slightly less then 1/2 ball hit is required for equall Timing? I believe the harder the collision,the bigger the time inequallity becomes?
    Thanks again,Mike Filholm
    Hi Dave I am an Italian club pool player that invented a new aiming system: Salux system (from my surname). I also bought your book several years ago and I found it very impressive especially the angle stuffs.
    I would appreciate if you could review it and if you think it is worth if you could insert in your list.
    These are my links:

    The second one is an enhancement of the first.
    Hope to hear you soon.
    Many thanks
    Hi Dave, my name is Tom. I've been playing pool for 50 years. I played the first 30 years without ever applying side-spin. Bob Byrne gave me the confidence and knowledge to finally try it. After much trial and error, it became easier. Next, I viewed and analyzed over 3,000 shots made by the pros and found that the majority (close to 80%) of tip contact happens at five of the nine contact points on a cue-ball. If the cue-ball was a clock, these five points would be 12- Center-6, 7and 5. You can see this on my website: icueclinic.com. Love your articles and would cherish some feedback.

    Thanks for your time,
    Tom Van Eck
    Hi Dave
    Just wanted to drop you a line about Virtual Pool 4 online version has been released for registration its free to play. This is by far the best Pool Simulator ever invented. Please take the time to check it out and give me your opinion on it...... Ive been on of the testers for Steve Chaplin for almost 2 years now. Hope to see you in the lobby.. My playername is JohnSlingBlade


    Take care

    I have read your book all the way through many times and each time I draw more from it. The terminology makes a great deal of sense and the entire book is a treasure. I can't begin to tell you how much your efforts have improved my efforts. Thank you for writing such a trove of helpful info.
    Fred Warner. http://www.frederickwarner.com/the-billiard-hall.html
    I just finished my second round of BU exams. 113 up from 98. Brunswick 9 ft, 4 1/2 - 4 - 1 1/2.
    Hey, thanks for the green! As far as I'm concerned, you're the authority and with evidence!
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