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    Maryland Straight Pool Tournament on AZ Home Page

    Ok so I logged onto azbilliards today and saw the notice about the MD. Straight Pool tournament this weekend. I thought it was very nice for them to give a spotlight to this great event and bring awareness to the great game of straight pool. Here is my problem though: they put a picture of...
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    The 2008 Pennsylvania Women's State Nine Ball Championship!

    This weekend, Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania will be hosting the 2008 PA Women's State Nine Ball Championship. Many of the top, talented players of the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Northeast Women's 9-Ball Tour and other professionals will be participating in this $2500 added event...
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    Black Boar and other custom cues for sale

    Bob Maidhof of Drexeline Billiards is selling a few of his high end custom cues. Some have never been played with. USED Black Boar. 58" 19.5 oz. Very Good Condition. 2 Shafts. 12.75 mm w/ Ivory Ferrules. $4500 NEW Paul Dayton Cue. 58" 19.5 oz. 2 Shafts. 12.75 mm. Ivory Ferrules. $2000 NEW...
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    How do people do it?

    Last night, I played pool drunk and I couldnt make a ball. I mean, I missed ball in hand twice and it wasnt like I was hammered, just drunk. How do some players play drunk all the time?
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    Sigel, The Miz, Balukas and Charlie Rose???? Interesting. Sigel sure don't shut up.