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  • No - I haven't had that number for about 3 years. My new # is 915-219-8184 - I should be in El Paso most of February - just let me know when you get here.
    Hey David it's Martin from el paso. Just read about your loss. Very sorry.
    I'm in Houston right now getting cancer treatment but I should be back home
    sometime this summer. Are you relocating for good or going back to Florida?
    It'd be nice to see you again.
    hope you have a nice holiday season, Im out sending my eletronic Christmas cards to everyone on AZ, Happy Holidays!!!! :)

    Thanks David - I appreciate it. I actually refereed an APA city tournament all weekend, so I didn't get to do anything. Working 9am to 2am on the weekend sucks!
    I'm going to be staying at Vistana Resorts in Lake Buena Vista. I believe it's on Rte. 535. Is there a place near there we could meet. It would be great if a few AZ'er could get together. Let me know what you think.

    Sorry to take so long getting back to you.

    Tom McGonagle
    I called it Monday...Stephan Cohen...2009 WORLD Champion!!! I only wished it was he and Lipsky in the finale!!!
    Shoot!!! I was hopeing you saw the finals, I wanted to hear your opinion of his patterns. I awalys like your critiqite of players 14.1 game. Shane looked a little lost a few times, but his fire power gets him out of trouble, when he played JA neither of them played too good. your rite, I spoke to JA for 45 mins whie he was driving down to the tournemnt, I love his son Lee-what a great kid!!!, its funny JA and I rarely talk about pool, were freinds aside from pool, thx for the reply, take care sir!! I hope your playing good and doing good. i'm playing good in spots but all else is bad, oh well....:)
    Dave, I hope you watched JA play Mika in the finals, he looked great-he played a couple matches like that here in vegas this year. He didnt look to good playing SVB, but in the finals he was awesome-his patterns I thought were great. What did you think of his patterns??? hope you been good my friend. It brutally tough at this end. my pool game is up and down with my stress, take care Eric :)
    "atmospshere of the forums"<----a good choice of words, your right. tell bill I said hello. I dont do Facebook/myspace sites. in the data business(my gig) I cant let everyone know who I know. I have a friend that lost a couple hundered thousand $$$ in biz cause of his face fook account-a competitor got his client list
    hi Blackjack,

    Your offer to help with the NCS is very appreciated. I need someone who will host a qualifier. I am dealing with overload of tours in Florida, room owners wanting someone locally to run the tournament. If you send me your email address, I wil email you information.

    thanks blackjack :) but its the just having just quit cigarettes thing. I usually am really mellow dude. laid back. nuthin usually bothers me. once the i get more used to the no cigs I will be just fine. thanks again bro
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