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  • Hi Bob. Was over J.Tucker's a few weeks ago. He mentioned you have a template for making paper "magic racks" using hole re-enforcers. I can't find it, could you provide a link? Thanks! -Nate
    There is no similar method that works well for draw shots because the amount of draw relative to speed is much harder to get right. The best you can do is to practice particular shots where you are controlling both the cue ball and object ball distances on draw shots. I have a drill for that somewhere.
    Bob -
    Recently read your article Cut to the Chase from an old BD. It has helped me a lot. I was wondering if there is a similar method for determining cueball travel on a draw shot. I can use Dr Daves 30 degree finger method, and find it to be accurate - but I would prefer a method along the lines of your above mentioned article.
    Love your articles on Billiards Digest! Don't want to give my age away, but I have read every one of them (I also saved the PDF's). Great job!
    If you ever get to Central FL, drop me a line!

    Thanks for your advice on my post about learning the game of billiards. I will surely get that book as I don't have it now. I really find it to be an interesting game and eager to learn and play it. Any additional information you may have will be greatly appreciated, such as cues, etc. Thanks again.
    Thanks for the Ronnie post.I thought it was stuck for a moment,more walk on song updates to follow, LOL
    Bob, Good Evening. I need a lesson, having problems with aiming and my draw. Please give me a call when you have time 408-722-8381. Played you at Davis when you won, many moons ago, Barney.
    Hi Bob;
    I just finished watching the 2010 challenge match between Alex Pagulayan and Corey Duel. During the course of this match Alex had a severe laughing fit.Since there was no commentary I couldn't see the reason for it. Could you share the joke with us?
    Dave Nelson
    This, (AZB) is my first venture into any kind of "forum". Thank you, I have read many of your articles.

    Bill Stroud here. I am ending cuemaking and playing pool full time again. Just bought a new Diamond Pro.
    Everything is coming back except parts of the Diamond systems. Are there some books on systems that you can recommend as apply to pool?

    Hello Bob. I have the highest respect for you. I see that you left me a red mark the other day when I inquired into the Fast Larry thread. The apparent problems with him predate my arrival here (I assume, because, truly, I know nothing about him) I was impressed by the seeming sincerity of his post on another website (linked in our forum). It seemed entirely possible that others could have counterfeited posts in his name.

    In any event, I sensed these are dangerous waters, and left it alone. Sorry you misunderstood my intentions. Hank Fletcher

    Mike Massey spent about a month with us in Vegas, they opened a great 3C room there. Mike and I played a good bit of 3C, I hadnt hit the "Big" balls in 20 years. It was fun, after a few hours I started to get the feel of the balls back. I ran a 3 my first night, first shot I knew the other 2 I was coached. I didnt get a 4 tho, I left for the M-Cup before Mike left my house. He sure is fun to play,

    I hit a 5 railer he said "You will need the stroke of a world champion to make it" Bobby "Cotton" LeBlanc agreed, so I had to really bear down, it took all the stroke I have and the CB just rolled up on it 5rails-click. Man that felt great, I never would have seen the shot nor did Cotton. I thought of you while I was playing-man what a great game.

    have a great Holiday,

    hi bob, you are a tremendous asset to this forum. have a lot of respect for you opinion/knowledge. just showing some appreciation :)
    Hey Bob, Like others have tried to email you but no delivery. Hope you are doing well. Wondering about an article you did about "counterweight" and the effect of ld shaft to miscue. Where might I find a copy?
    Thanks, Bob Danielson
    Steve Chaplin here, been trying to get in touch with you emailed a work email, maybe old, emailed still not response. How do I get in touch with you. My email is still, can you email me.
    HI Bob,

    I just saw a post you made and wanted to say hello. I hope your doing good and all is well.

    best regards
    eric :)
    Hi Bob.

    I was wondering if you were going to make it to Valley Forge this year? The reason I ask is that a buddy of mine sent me some of your "fuller system" videos from youtube after we were discussing throw from frozen balls over the weekend.. He said he'd like to meet you if you're around. He and I will be there for the league tournament events.

    Take care,
    Scott Kessler
    howdie Bob,

    Sorry I didnt get over to your event this yearm I was going to go with JA one day but didnt make it.

    my best to you,
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