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  • Thanks for that, very much. I try to do always do the right thing, however astonished it leaves some. :)
    NYC dude hasn't been banned because he is part of the 'Good Ole Boys' network and heavily conservative. That is what Wiley was blasting about (i assume) when he got banned.
    Thanks Bryan. I got a warning from Mr Wilson and you know what? It was worth it!! I told Mr Wilson that my problem was that I was blunt and to the point. If he looked at bama and ugo's posts, he'd know that they are like a cancer on this forum. Their negativity and hostility towards others is destructive.
    Thanks for the red. Next time try to be a little more imaginative, "just cause I owe ya one." is LAME.
    i just wanted to say I enjoy your posts and your avitar is great as well,

    take care,


    ps if your in Vegas look me up, we'll have fun, I have met alot of AZers here and not one has been a bad egg.
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