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    Lambros Ebony FS!

    Bump for a beautiful cue!
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    Practicing with hole reinforcement dots and leaving lines in the table

    I'll say I have never had residue from the white donuts either. I have from time to time created the "burn" mark lines on my table, but that is mainly when I'm doing stop shot drills working up to full table length stop shots.
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    APA Profit

    Re the people complaining about asking about how much money someone makes. This is not secret info on how much a business earns. It's simple math. The part he didn't know was what gets paid to APA, which is public information the APA has put out there. It's quite easy to figure out gross...
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    APA Profit

    I've looked at this info before. If you own an APA Franchise you pay 20% of gross revenue back to the APA National office in royalities. So, in the given case of bringing in $70k they send $14k of that to the APA national office. Can you make a lot of money in APA? Yes, if you have a large...
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    decent inexpensive table?

    Buy a used Gold Crown or similiar. You should be able to find one cheaper than a new crappy home model table.
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    mech serving Minneapolis

    Jamie rocks! He setup my table! You won't be disappointed! Brian
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    Thoughts on this Anniversary

    If you can deal with a GC III that is a Pro 8, last I heard they are still trying to sell one at Jimmy's Pro Billiards. I got mine from them and paid $600 for it. Brian
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    Pool Table Cover

    One of the covers designed to allow the table to be used as a, normal table (ie dining room table). Brian
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    Need Help with a Name for a Pool Room in Florida

    "Live Nude Girls" :)
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    kamui tips

    MAP is not illegal in and of itself. It can be illegal when mixed with other practices. There are also many ways to get around it, there is a reason lots of people give "instant rebates" and "free items" with the product. Perfect example is the gaming console business. Microsoft, Sony, and...
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    Need Help with a Name for a Pool Room in Florida

    What's wrong with Sportstown Billiards? Or even Backstage Billiards?
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    Need Help with a Name for a Pool Room in Florida

    As it's Florida, I vote for "La Sala Verde" (ie. The Green Room) :)
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    Kamui tip, I just tried one.can't believe it !

    I have as well, he plays at CR Billiards fairly often which is where I normally play out of....
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    Kamui tip, I just tried one.can't believe it !

    I'm just waiting for "Bad Blood: Geno vs Coco" as TAR 21 :) Who will be betting on Team Monkey? Who will be betting on Team Aiming Systems? I might actually show up to watch that one live! :) Brian
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    earl inspects rack with magnifying glass.

    I'm so bringing one of those to my APA match tomorrow night!