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    Sponsoring a Pool Comp

    I live in Ballarat Australia, and have fallen in love with 9Ball:) . My local pool hall put in a Brunswick table to test the waters, but the owners didn't do anything to promote the game. The problem is that UK 8Ball rules in our area, and with no incentive to the local players, they aren't...
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    AZ Cue Survey 2

    I started a cue survey on a previous thread, but didn't realise there's a 13000 limit on post content:D . So I'm starting a new thread and separating the results with A-K and L-Z, as well as a Statistics breakdown. So, give me your MAIN Playing cues (maximum of 3), Shafts used (original or...
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    Dufferin Titan Cue

    For sale is a Dufferin Titan Cue with a 12.5mm tip. It is in good condition, as I've only had it for 2 months. I am selling it as I have purchased another cue {I have 5:D }. If the Buyer wants, I can add the pool case shown for an additional $25US, which would include a full box of Triangle...
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    AZ Members Survey

    A while ago I started a thread about what cues IPT players were using, with the idea that it would give AZ members insite into what the Pro's thought are good cues (or good cue sponsors:D ). I think the same idea would be interesting in regards to AZ members, so I'm going to take the bull by...
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    ANZAC Comp, Melbourne Australia

    Since some of the forum members visit Australia, I thought I'd start posting any Australian event that has a decent bit of cash attached. ANZAC Weekend 8 Ball Tournament $12000(AUS) in prize money SATURDAY APRIL 21ST & SUNDAY APRIL 22ND THIS EVENT WILL BE TELEVISED ON POOL TV ON CHANNEL 31...
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    Advice for an up and coming kid

    Just thought I'd ask the forum for some ideas. A local 17YO kid here in Ballarat is looking at having a go at 9-ball. All he's played so far is UK 8-ball, and is good, currently ranked 2nd in the world under 18 and 4th in Australia Open. The reason for the change is that the local pool hall is...
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    Crown Cues, Gene La Viness

    Does anyone own or used a cue by this maker? His website is; He has started selling on ebay, and some of his designs interest me, but what do they play like? Any feedback would be appreciated. Daniel:D
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    Amazing Ball Control!!!!!!!!!

    Just came across this vid of a carom player called Semith Sayginer, who has some absolutely amazing shots. Daniel:D
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    Lucasi 8 Piece Spliced Shaft

    Has anyone played with one of these? I know that there are better shafts (314, OB-1) at a bigger price, but does this shaft play any better than the standard...
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    Qualifiers from Australia

    Congratulations to Ben Nunan and Goh Takami. Most Australian, and many UK players know of Ben and his consistant high standard in UK style 8-ball, and I look forward to seeing how he goes on the IPT tables. Goh Takami is a new name to me. I know he played at House of Billiards Weert IPT...
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    Cue on Ebay

    Could someone please advise on what is a fair price for this cue As it's in Australia, as am I, it would cost me a lot less tham one from the US, and I like the look. Also, are the cues made...
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    Quest Custom Made Cues

    Has any one had dealings with this ebayer, and/or used one of their cues. I can't believe the prices of them, and this makes me hesitate to go any further, but an inlayed cue with 2 shafts for $100! Have a look yourself at Daniel:D
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    IPT Players Cues Survey

    As some would have read, there is a best hitting cues survey going on in the main forum, and it got me thinking about what cues the participants in the ITP are going to be using. This would give a good impression of what a large percentage of professionals think are the best hitting cues. For...
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    New Lucasi Owner

    New Lucasi Owner- 10mm tip vs 13mm This is my first post, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes!:D . I have just purchased a Lucasi LTD LSS-3, after looking at many posts and reading the pro's and con's of this cue manufacturer. Although I would have loved to buy a $250US cue, my buget...