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  • No, I am simply Irish, and someone took that name from the previous AZBilliards forum from me when it migrated to this present forum.
    I follow the Glasgow Celtic FC.
    Just wondering if you follow a Celtic team like say the Boston Celtic & such like.
    Remember Remember the 5th of November 2011.
    Celtic were a massive 15 points behind in the SPL title race.
    Got it back to 2 points in front.The table looks good nowadays !
    Raj song will be posted soon on the walk ons.
    Celtic song is already there.
    I have only just noticed a short thread which was enquiring on the status of the tournament to be held in Nigeria that I announced here earlier in the year.

    Details of the event can be found at the link

    Most of the information in that thread is still current although some of it may be positively updated.
    This is not Pie In The Sky. I have a signed contract to stage this event still.

    But first a little history lesson.

    ................ If you are intersted in reading more then I need an email address to send it to you (or a Facebook address)
    Oh my, oh dear! You gave me red rep! Boo hoo! My feelings are hurt. Bwahahahahahaha!

    Thanks for the laughs, you silly ass!
    As long as a moron like you disagrees with me, then I know I am living right. You are a complete idiot. Like I said, take those stupid rep rep points and shove them up your ass.
    You must be a bigger Earl fan than I. I think his skills are diminishing and the likelyhood of Earl doing big things are behind him. It would be nice to see him rip off some huge event, but sadly we have seen his best pool years already. He deserves the respect of being world champ regardless of how he plays the game today. He does still play the game at a high level, but lets face it time moves on and stands still for no-one.
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