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  • My 5 Videos (the first 3 are on one DVD, 'Ultimate Pool Secrets') can all be purchased and researched at www.cjwiley.com

    Thanks for your interest, I can also be reached at thegameistheteacher@gmail.com
    I received DVD TOI but it does not work. My player reads:

    Disk error
    Please eject the disc
    Playback feature may not be available on this disc.

    I tried other discs and they work.

    Please advise to correct situation.

    Joe Johann 615-456-8158
    Or via this forum/message.
    I'm only the "Messenger," - The Game is the Teacher' ..... Glad to hear about your positive experiences "MOJOE".....Play Well.....CJ
    Thanks CJ.. After 30+ years of playing, I'm at the peak of my game and feel like I'm getting better each day I practice. TOI is revolutionizing my game to say the least! I'm cannot wait to get back to the table to practice.

    I've been a very competitive player for many years but I believe you have helped unleash a complete other level. Last nights practice session I feel like I improved a whole ball, this is so motivating. Peace my friend.
    Yes, you saw it vividly. Especially on the ball in the corner he missed. When under pressure you have to guard against over cutting, especially if you're "jacked up". Mike confirmed what I was already doing and I saw him play like this to win the US OPEN at age 53. He was a VERY strong money player, one of the best in the country. When he saw how the Philipino players played he went "all in" on their games. He knew how powerful the "Touch of Inside" was and we talked about it on more than one occasion. ;)
    Apart from all the allegations with the '92 Challenge of Champions...I might be imagining things; it looks a whole lot like Mike LeBron used TOI on his runs...? I didn't post to the thread, didn't want the usual suspects to derail it. Just wonder if I'm spotting it correctly...
    Thanks, I appreciate the support and positive vibes. Sometimes you get them and sometimes they get you....it's reality in competition and that's what makes it exciting. I'm developing a renewed interest in the Game and look forward to 2013, I believe it will have some great moments indeed ;) 'The Game is the Teacher' - Enjoy your New Year :)
    I'm really glad your going to join and run the team i hope you win the mosconi cup i look forward to watching you perform with great talent i wish you best and hope you had a good Christmas this is Slade Turner i emailed you awhile ago but i will be cheering for you and the team. im glad your excited and ready to go for a win again.
    There was a delay on my 2nd shipment and it will be in on Tue. or Wed. and then immediately out to you. Sorry for the inconvenience and you will get the DVD asap. thanks, CJ Wiley
    The newest shipment will be in on Wed. and I'll ship out on Thursday (my guess) ..check back on Wed. and I'll tell you more specifically....Thanks, Bob...CJ Wiley
    CJ, I ordered your new DVD last week, and just wondered if you had gotten any in and if so when you might ship. Not pushing or rushing, just curious. It's about a 15 mile drive from where I live out here in the sticks, to the Post Office and want to get my hands on it as soon as it comes in. I do NOT go to town every day! LOL Getting to be kind of a hermit out here, I think.

    Hope you have a great weekend,

    I hope I was not a part of getting you removed from Ask the Instructor at the same time I was. Sorry anyway. Jim Sullivan
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