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  • Ken
    I am somewhat drama adverse so I don't often post on AZB. We have comunicated before and I am comfortable you are a straight forward honest guy so I thought you might find reading about "essential tremor" useful. It is very common and most who suffer from it are not aware they have a known condition. Mine was severe enough I went to a neurologist (i was worried about parkinson) and he confirmed i have essential tremor and prescribed a low dose blood preasure medication (propranolol). it is very effective, esspecially when coupled with an alcholic drink or two.

    good luck

    workin on it like a mad dog , at work now b the same place tommorro . will work out
    in about 18 months i hope . see ya bud rob
    sorry about that u were in the site about our local hero i new what i was talkin about i guess i thought uh uh uh hmmmm i am going to work on my thinkin latter . rob
    Bad stuff? I assume you are referring to the story about one of our local heroes.

    Saturday - Drew David Weaver back to back and he sent me packing. Combination of him playing very well and me missing some easy ones. Same old story different day. ;)

    Marc Shelton drew 3 byes so got into the money while only playing 2 matches...maybe 3, but free ride none the less. Shane McMinn won and Jacob McMichael finished 2nd just ahead of Marc.
    Absolutely! It is the same thing I have always charged friends! Come on down!

    Diamond 9 footer at home is being finished today! #excited
    I dont know if you subscribe to an aiming system per se, but I recently had a friend who bought the CTE pro one dvd and let me borrow it. My conclusion is that CTE is more of an alignment system than an aiming system. Frankly I think the snooker players have it right. Stand behind the shot and come straight down on the line. i am not sure it was in this link or another snooker alignment video, but one of the key things to getting down straight is move your body first (not the feet).

    btw that was a great 10 ball run!

    Hi Ken , just got to work , how did you do yesterday? hope you did well. did many
    players showup. Good luck today . Robert
    Thanks! I won my first. Play KC Massey tomorrow at noon. I gotta play better than I did tonight to get past him. ;)
    I will try to get by sat or sunday after work , play good , follow through , good lucl
    Good to here from ya things are ok with me , only in the mornings a old man looks at me
    in the mirror. the company I work for started a distrbution center , so for the last 4 or 5
    years about all i have done is work . Larry and I have got out to play about 7 or 8 times
    in the last 5 years . we are still dogs , can't help it. be well maybe we will cross paths
    soon . p s Talked to Tom a while back he has a son am happy for him. seeya Robert
    Hay Ken whats up withya long time no see. u doin ok , ya still play . good
    to here from ya. Robert
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