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  • Nice achievement that bronze. Imo it's the other book that rates an award of some sort. It is one hell of a piece of work! Beautiful. Informative. Exhausting to put together. I have admiration for the skills you brought forth to do that.
    Thanks for the info. Sorry I'll miss you next week, I'll be in Hawaii
    Hi Brad, thanks for helping sponsor me! I lost your number with my stolen iphone. Say hi to Timo for me, maybe he can fly me out for a show and seminar :) I'm totally jealous! haha. 323-445-8838 or
    Hope all is well! Goin to G town next week?
    I'll be there with my cue from September 13 to 22. Lookin forward to seein ya.
    Hello Brad!
    When will you be here?? My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary in September and will be at Turtle Bay for a few days. I'm sure we can get together for some pool while you are here.

    We need to play some more 9-Ball on the Valley bar box. I want a rematch!

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