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  • Thanks for taking the time to back that up with your agreement. It's very tempting to try to shut people up when you don't agree with them, and that's a hidden trap that still appeals to all too many.
    Brad somehow I lost some. Data in my cell and sadly your part of what I lost about 15% anyways can you call me at 702-241-8000 or. Txt me your mobile number, I needed to talk to you the other day and couldn't find your number. I have friend who needs some advice and you are the man to help him, it will be brief, but its important

    Hope you have been good, I been melting in Vegas wow its hot there. City center is amazing and I don't like casinos, I don't know how they are going to ever pay for it. Its clear that it was built on $80/barrel oil, without thought, like my house but finished.


    Happy birthday Cuaba...I am glad evrything is well over in Thailand...They are a wonderfull people....
    please email me a link to your dads site, I had it and that computer I had it saved in was stolen. I want to possibley do a little biz like $900-$1,000 or a cue trade.

    if you dont want it public here since I have no PM's here you can email it to me at or send me a message here-which ever you you perfer.

    I hope you have been good, I'm in LA now spent the last month in Vegas, my back went to shit days ago its the worst its been in 18 months, but It should blow over soon.

    We have a solid biz model I think we have a 80% chance of it working, we caught a couple good breaks hireing programmers with exoerience with what were doing-but not so much they could start a biz with out us and the necessary start up $$$. if this dosent work i'll be sweeping the floors in a pool room in the PI for 200 peso's a day and likeing it. the stress has been too much, my heart has been fvcking with me again.

    congrats you maxed out 2,147,000,000 problem is as everyone maxes out in 2 months we(meaning the top REP players) will be on the second page-this sucks.

    It going to cost them alot of page hits, its all open source code and I can probably get a fix for it with out the data, AZB's tech guy can republish the site with the existing data and the rep game will live on. When you can talk to the top Brass and let them know I think I hae a fix for them.

    hope your good, i would love too see the old B-Wick cue someday, thats a dandy for sure
    Hey Brad, don't tell me you're back in Bangkok doing more research. When will you be done my good man?
    At least stop in for a little bit when you are done with league if you can.
    Darn your hide! Our league night moved from Tuesday to Thursday, so we'll be up the road at Q-Spot from 7:00 until 10:30 or so. Can't breathe at Magoo's, anyway. I'm terribly allergic to 2nd hand smoke and it's almost as bad as the Palace used to be. Gene isn't allergic to it, but he can't breathe there, either. Q-Spot is on the north side of 31st just west of Sheridan....
    Ok.... you got me stumped What's Soi4? "From Soi 4", Thanks for the boost whatever Soi 4 is :groucho: (used the groucho 'cause he has a cigar!)
    Brad...JimS mentioned that you liked to stay anonymous, but I had seen many posts where people called you by name, so I figured I'd try to send some biz your way! BTW, did you know that your rep awards 500,000 points? Wow! You must be a celebrity! LOL
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