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  • OK I've pm'd called and left emails shit man you are hard to get ahold of! do you still want the tip?
    you gave me 200,000 points this time when you hit me with greenies. 756,251 i think i have now
    holy shit thanks for the points. I would like to go but its impossible, I am way to busy with projects and my other businesses. At some point I need to go back to Dallas though and maybe we can meet then. Thanks and have fun
    Hey buddy thought i would stop by and say hi i will be in the area in about 3 weeks we should go play again i think i got lucky last time i dont think tre will back you again lol maybe he will? Then we can play for more than 100 a game maybe 4 or 5 ahead for 2k or something we qill hash it out talk at ya soon. Let me know if you get up my way i am putting a table in might need you to set it up for me thx peace.
    Sac is doing well all things considered. We are still doing the 8 ball line tournaments on Tues and Thur with the B tournament on Wed and the Open 9 ball on Sundays.
    Summer is just around the corner and HEAT will soon be a part of the daily forecast...
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