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    >>> The McDermott.....the C21 <<<

    Found the Before pictures of my D16. I feel like I overpaid @ $275. Refinish with the I2 was $400. I'll take some pics of it when I get home and post them here. D16 Before :cool:
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    >>> The McDermott.....the C21 <<<

    Here they are. A D22 with "severe water damage" C19 refinish
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    Christmas Goodies

    I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a bountiful, healthy, happy New Year. Sadly I don't get to play with my Christmas presents until after Christmas. Andy from Diamond will be by sometime around new years day, to put the new Simonis on my Pro/Am. McDermott will send me my Jerico Stinger...
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    Diamond Pro/Am In Delaware Needs New Cloth

    Looking for recommendations for a mechanic who services Delaware and Diamond tables. I need to get my 7' Pro/Am new simonis 860. The last couple times I had anything done to it I had someone from Diamond do it. I can't seem to get in touch with Brian, and I'd like to get the work done in the...
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    Diamond Tables Near Cary NC????

    Going to be in Cary for a couple weeks. Any Diamond tables in the area? I own a 7' Pro/Am so a 7' smart table in a sports bar would be ok too. Gonna miss my Diamond while I'm gone. :cool:
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    Bar Box 10:1 Continuous Rotation

    I was driving to Baltimore yesterday and sitting in rush hour traffic when I began thinking about 14:1 and the limitations a bar box puts on this great game. It occurred to me that a shorter rack might help make the game more playable on a bar box. That led me to think about rotation type games...
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    How Do You Repair a Wear Spot In The Cloth?

    Because my table gets a lot of solo play most of the break shots are played from the headspot. Consequently the head spot ares developes a depression in the cloth, a wear spot. Over time it gets to the point that it will effect the play of the cloth. I am using blue Simonis 860 on a 7' diamond...
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    Places To Play Near Solon Ohio

    I am going to be in Solon for training from November 1st through the 12th are ther any decent places to play? I know it's near Cleveland but that's about it. I'll be there over the weekend so if anyone knows about a weekly tourney in the area I'd be interested in that too. :cool:
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    Learning to Win

    Well my shot at a trip to Vegas is over. It went down to the last shot of the last rack in the last match. It should have never got that far. While I played decent pool, I couldn't finish the job. I was the 3rd match, and I gave away 3 of the 4 racks my opponent won. I could make excuses here...
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    Rail Felt, How Much Can It Effect Playability?

    I've got a 7' Diamond Pro/AM I picked up at the SBE last year, it was "tournament used" When I got it the felt was in good shape and I played on it for about a year before I had Andy from Diamond refelt it. Andy did a great job and the table plays great, but since it has been receovered, I've...
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    What is the Difference Between Cortland and Irish Linen???

    Irish linen seems to be the more widely used wrap. What is the difference between Cortland and Irish Linen in terms of feel, durability, and cost? :cool:
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I am too stoopid to do a screen shot, how about a PDF of the score page? I had to retake to get a score and I did better the second time. :cool:
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    One Pocket Question

    When playing 1 pocket, if your opponent pockets a ball in your pocket, what is the rule? 1. Does it spot and the player lose a turn? 2. Does it stay down and count toward my score and the player lose his turn? 3. Does it stay down, count and he continues his turn? 4. Is it a foul? We have...
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    Suggestions For Cleaning Leather Wrap

    What is a good cleaner for a leather wrap? The wrap on a cue I picked up is really dirty (white towel comes away black) and I'd like to get it clean without damaging the wrap or having it end up tacky. How do you clean your leather wrap? :cool:
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    Silver Cue in Lexington KY

    I found my way over to the Silver Cue yesterday afternoon, on New Circle Rd (rte 4) in Lexington Ky. They boast 17 tables, most of which are 7' Olhausen (they have 6 valley bar boxes) with a few 9' Olhausen tables. Table time was $4 per hour, and bottle beer was $2. They have a limited menu...