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  • ya know, accustats might go over to john's place and set up a good camera and lights to make the next run a true world-class production. that would be my recommendation.
    Tom: Get me $35 to paypal and that will cover shipping, too and it will go out tomorrow. You gotta hook up with Bill. Schmidty is going to be out there next month again. Both are great guys. Bill has very good instinctual knowledge about patterns and runs.
    OK Dennis,
    I have just finished reading the stuff by Sam about her interview with John and I have to have the DVD you have been talking about.
    How do you prefer payment, I can pay thru Paypal, via credit card or mail you a check.

    Maybe it will help me break my high run.....

    Tom "BigRigTom" Hardinger
    703 Azure Hills Drive
    Simi Valley, Ca. 93065
    Cell #: 805-368-6381

    PS: I still plan to get by Bill one of these days. It just has not worked out for either of us yet. Can you believe it? We probably live less that 10 miles apart and can't squeeze out a stupid hour together. It will happen though and mostly thanks to your input.
    A couple of questions...
    1. Do you have to be a member at the Billards Club to play there?
    2. What kind of table is that you were playing on. I believe my buddy has one just like it and I was offered one for $3000 installed (used of course).
    3. What kind of equipment did you use to record then up load this video?
    Hi Dennis
    Have u heard from Jordan ( prewarhero) lately?Ive been trying to get ahold of him and he doesn't write back.Let me know when u have time.Thanks,Tim
    hey walsh. I havent been active much on the forum. My wife had some healthissues, and im spending alot more time with her. As soon as i have some days off, ill update the post. Feel free to continue to post if u think people are interested in it, while i spend some time with the wife. Thanks for caring m8

    Yet another question

    I know I'm not buying a Longoni five stars but is the cue at least straight? Playable?

    Thanks a lot
    hi walsh,

    i went on a long vacation to malaysia and have been busy seen i'm back. Ill update the runs this weekend. Sorry for the late update
    Hey Dennis,
    Thanks for the connection to Bill. Sounds like we will get together and play some pool when he comes back from the World Championship! I am looking forward to that. I am sure I will learn a lot from Bill about 14.1 and I wanted you to know I appreciate the part you played. Sincerely, BigRigTom
    If you know of ANYONE looking for a great deal on a hell of a cue, the one listed by runout1961 is a hell of a deal. I ABSOLUTELY cannot understand why it has not sold. Any ideas? The ones I have (my personal player), I wouldn't take 5x what I paid for it. What are your feelings or have you heard any comments on John's completed cues?
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