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  • You might have a little knowledge about cues, but I have about 50 PMs and emails telling me about getting ripped off by Showman. Nit.
    Hi John, I would bet you know there is a cue show in Ill. called the Windy City Cue show.It is Nov.5th.It would be great to see you there even if just as a spectator. You are the Man.
    I had an idea that you might like my avatar since you are the proud owner of those very special cues and I hope that you don't mind me using the picture for my avatar. I think they are 2 of the nicest cues i've ever seen!
    good to see you this year, sadly i got so sick i couldnt leave the room, maybe you got me sick, lol ;)

    i hope all is good for you and your pop. He sure is a great dad, I miss mine so much-its been 10.5 years now. :(.

    take care buddy keep intouch.


    I still have first dibbs on the GSB #1 :)
    Hello John, just to let you know there will be a 20k winner take all match on a 10ft.tight pocket table in Youngstown the week right after Valley Forge between Strictland and VanBonening . All tables in the room which is large will be removed and VIP seats with bleacher seating behind them set up.Their looking to get 300 spectators. The match will be a race to 100 spread out over 3 days.I am Frank ( the Hercek collector)
    hey buddy, See you at the Derby. For dinner at least once!!!! Please say hello to your Dad for me.


    Eric & Kelly
    Hey not sure if u have found the post yet but the pics doesn not do this cue any justice. Let me know what u want to do thanks cause i have other people waiting to see if they can get the cue ok thanks
    Yeah, the iwilleatyou thing isn't funny until I can put up my avatar pic, Jeffrey Dahmer. I guess you have to post 50 times. Anyway, my name is Scott Stone. You can have him reach me at 231.740.0268 or Shawn Buchholz at 231.206.5596. Thanks for your help.
    thanks for the REP i will catch you tomarrow, the US Open will be fun, sorry I didnt make it to the last tournment you went to-i ended up working, werre real busy recently. how about gold $1040/oz gotta love that.


    please send my best to your dad too :)
    Congratz on having the best display at the Dayton show. You should have won an award.
    i have some duplicate Gus cues in my collection, a couple of the duplicates are not 4pt players. perhaps you have the same thing, we might should look over what we have and maybe a trade will round out both of our collections a bit nicer. just a thought. hope your doing good. eric
    John - I appreciate what you 'lend' to pool and the help you give Justin. he is a good guy - agreat product. Now we just have to make it make some money!!
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