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  • You got it. Just give me a call when your coming and I will make sure the coast is clear. I'm doing allot of lessons on skype but I can move them around. Give me a call. 7155638712
    Gene, I would like to work with you in person. It’s a three hour drive for me, but I think it would be worth it. I could meet you at Shooters, in Burnsville. Please contact me
    Still trying to get tis knee healed up. Chicago is right on the way to everywhere from Wisconsin kind of. Looks like I might be here a month or 2 before I leave. If it's still real cold I might just go south as soon as possible. I'll have the motorhome pulling the car on a dolly. . Don't know how well that will hold up to -0 temps.
    God job Kevin. As you start getting the head over where it needs to be naturally you will find other little things that will help along your journey to improve your game. By now though you realize that unless you have those eyes right it's pretty impossible to improve. Now you can get better because your manually getting the sight in the right position. Good luck and thanks again....
    Gene. I have your dvd and you spent some phone time with me. You system works, which you know. I am right handed and find I "see" the shot a ton better with my left eye. I was watching your dvd yesterday and the one of the first things you said was come down on the shot with your bridge hand like it's glued to the shaft. I missed that for a long time and am now doing it. HUGE help. thanks Kevin Lyons
    Hi there Bill,
    No immediate plans but I have a person that wants a lesson there. I appreciate your enthusiasm. I have a lesson also with a guy from Madison. He's coming to Dubuque.
    I'll see how it goes here in Dubuque. I should be here until next Wed for sure doing lessons.
    The lesson is $200 and that includes the video so you never forget what you learn and can review from time to time.
    I'll keep you posted if i get close. Thanks again

    When are you going to Racine? We could drive down.

    And how much is it for a lesson?

    Bill Evans
    Hi there Art and yes I can.

    Very few teachers even understand it. It's just the way your eyes are wired to your brain and you just have to learn how to deal with it the best way.

    And there is a best way.

    I got your massage on my phone. If I get a break this weekend i will call you.
    Send me the address Robert. I'll go one step further. I'll give them a phone lesson with it to ensure they will understand it personally.
    Just send me the address.
    Hey Gene its Robert in Tennessee, I was wondering if you would be interested in donating a copy of perfect aim for a benefit for a young man in our pool league who lost his father. We have some donations from a cue maker of a cue as well as some of my vendors for some accessories and other things, we are going to have a auction and some raffles of the stuff we get as well as a tournament with his familys expenses, let me know if you would be willing to do that, we want to get one aiming system, id rather have yours rather than Joe Tuckers or Cte,
    Gene r u gonna be back in minot nd anytime soon? Interested in ur instruction if so...all of the best players in town I want to beat seem to have had instruction with u...if u can't beat em join em...ha ha ;)
    Gene...heard about ur system from a few of ur past students here in minot nd...Scotty lentz told me some of what u teach and I've played rachael nadeau ...another of ur past students...really impressed...u coming this way for the four bears tournament in new town?would love to have a lesson...John mizell.
    Hi Geno, I want to let you know what a difference Your lesson has made in my game, I've won and been part of teams that have won the last 3 tourneys that I've played in. The most recent was a 3 man tourney with 32 teams, Rob Wyss from Menomonie was on that team, he had your lessons also we went 4 matches without a missed ball it was amazing ! And and a great payday ! Hope your doing well and see you soon !!! Thanks again Tim Mozey
    Hi there and Thanks scott,
    Need to keep my nose to the grind. i had to send my brother $3000 about 5 days ago. He'll be paying me back in about a month. I'll be a little short until then. Plus i need to go the other way.
    I don't know where I'll be in about a month but I will be doing something then for sure.
    Too vulnerable out here on the road.
    Thanks again

    Glad you found your cues and especially glad they weren't stolen.

    If you're still thinking of getting a gun and a concealed carry permit check out: They do classes for Utah, Arizona, and Florida CCW permits.

    It's a three hour class and you'll leave with everything you need to send in for the permit. The Utah permit is good in 33 states; depending on your travel plans you may want Arizona or Florida too.

    Kevin, the gentleman who teaches the class, also sells a traveler's guide to firearm laws in all 50 states for $15. He'll be at Cabela's in Hammond, Indiana on February 17 you can sign up on the web site I listed and Utah has to process your application within 60 days.

    If you do the class, let me know. Maybe we can play a little pool that afternoon. I'm only about 20 minutes away from that Cabela's.

    Hope all is well!

    I have your dvd and we talked for 30 min about a month ago. you helped me a lot. I was watching the Derby City live stream last night and saw John Morra play. I noticed he is right handed and shoots left eyed. have have you ever talked to him about it? any thoughts?
    Kevin Lyons
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