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  • Hey Geno,
    Scott Herbeck here. I'm starting up the bar table tour i ran with the magazine 14 years ago. Starting it up again in July, and will run through Nov. with the finals in Dec. watch for details!!! So anyway i was wondering if we can help each other out. I need sponsors, what i am looking for from you is 11 Perfect aiming cds. That's one per stop. I will be adding them to the raffle, which will include products from other sponsors. In turn for you i will place your logo on all fliers of the tour. These fliers will be seen all over Wisconsin pool halls, bars, other tournaments & all the online posting such as on facebook, azbilliards ect. I am also looking to stream some of these stops & make up a web site for the tour. Anyway please get back to me asap so as i can hopefully get posters ready for the Olympia open.
    Gene,I just want you to know that I am playing the best pool of my life.It made my game that much more consistent and I will continue to let people know that you have great information for them,good luck
    Hi there Eric,

    In my travels I get to meet so many pool players and nowadays like you say the norm has really changed. There are a few exceptions to the rule but overall the pool players in every town are some of the niceest people in the world.

    I can't wait to get back on the road teaching and being around this environment again. It's just plain old fun.

    Have a great day geno.............
    i been hooked on AZ for a feew years now, I saw you say that in a post. I have met about 100 people from here perhaps more and they have all been just great. I remember pool from the old days and it wasnt as social, its so much more fun nowdays. i have friends from all over the world i have met here and of the over seas people i have met 6 or 7 of them at tournments


    Hi there Pete,

    For some reason my guy just sent them out today. I don't know what happened. I guess i should have done it myself. Good help is hard to find. Especially when it's free.
    gene i cannot find my dvd I dont know if it got accidently throwed away or what happened If u would please send me another if I find it I will send the other back to you,if I look for it anymore Im going to lose my mind,sorry for the inconviniance Peteypooldude.
    hey Gene I was just wondering if you had made a new video yet I had read awhile back that you were gonna make a new one and we could get it for the cost of shipping and the disk. If that is true let me know thanks and it has really helped me alot I am a AA player in D&R out of Rochester and have placed 3rd and 4th in 2 open tourneys this yr so far placed in 2 0f the 4 i have played. Thanks Scott Kunz
    Hi there Geno!
    I see that you are online and decided to quickly ask you if your guys managed to send me the Perfect Aim DVD. I'm the Romanian guy who annoys you with the courier (UPS) shipment of the DVD instead of normal mail.
    Thx a lot and sorry for all the bother, but I'm really looking forward tio seeing your DVD!
    Hi there eekster24,
    Yes, I gave the order about 3 days ago to hold all the orders because the new one will be done in a few days. Thanks Geno.............
    just ordered your perfectaim dvd(yesterday). Will you send out the new version you mentioned?
    Kind regards,
    hi , my name is Kostas Daglas and i live in Athens, Greece.I am quite amazed with the amount of posts and how big this thread is. I have decided to buy the dvd and i dont care if is holy secret or not.. Above all is the game itself , isn't it?
    i read that you are working in a new dvd that you explain things better . I think i can wait for that as long as it wont take a year !!
    What do you think? Also you ship to Greece dont you?
    I would appreciate if you use my email which is
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