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  • Oh I'm not headed to Menomonie, I didn't know about it, I set up a 3 man team tourney in Plum City for the weekend. Hoping I have a few more calls to fill it up yet.
    Hi Trevor,
    I'm going over tonight to play in the nine ball at 7:00. I don't think right now I will be playing in the 8 ball. My back is real bad and I don't think I could hang all day.
    I'm still going there Sat afternoon no matter what though to pass out some fliers and maybe set up some lessons. see ya there
    Thanks Trevor. I was in the ER 6 days ago. Blew something in my lower back. Broke it and had surgery in 2000. Just couldn't get there. Can't hardly sit down.

    Nice to hear your doing good.
    I see you played well at the Seco tourney. Just wanted to say congrats Gene. One of these days I'll get a lesson from ya, moneys tight right now. Still loving the phone lesson you gave me, great info.......Trevor from Plum City.
    Geno, joined az recently and ran up on this thread. I'm wondering how much information contained in video about right handed shooter/left eye dominant. I basically do everything right handed, except for shoot a rifle and bow and arrow. I have recently started to try and shoot pool left handed but don't feel as comfortable with a lot of aspects of stance, stroke, bridge, etc. I do feel like my aim may be a little better, when shooting lefty. Any advice on shooting righty for left eye dominant player?
    I'm glad it helped. This is the one, strongest aiming technique in the world because it helps to keep the dominant eye in the dominant position. It helps make Perfect Aim work. When you mix in all the rest the results are pretty awsome.
    I can't believe nobody teachs this?
    Your on the way to shooting the best pool of your life.
    Call anytime after 8:00 central time. Talk to you later geno..........

    Many thanks for your time next week, concentrating on the obj ball as i get down is a big help. If you are around tues or wed nite I would like to talk some more, let me know when a good time is.

    I wanted to give you a heads up that I will be calling from South Korea. I just wanted to let you know just in case you thought it was a salesman or something. I will do my best to call at an appropriate time (your time). Thanks.
    Hello, Gene.
    May I please call you around noon (your time)? I would like to take some advice from you about the perfect aim system.
    Hi there Steve,
    That's great. Like I was telling you the results are immediate. but it will get better from here depending how much you work on it. But at least now it won't be the aiming that is holding you back. you can now work on the other aspects of the game and be practicing your aim at the same time.

    I'm excited for you. I know you enjoy the game and have a great passion for it. Now you can have a little more fun and reach your full potential.

    Thanks for the update. Geno.......
    Hi Gene,
    I told you I would follow up with my progress after my phone lesson with you, I just did not think it would be the same day! Yesterday, prior to talking with you, I did a progressive skills test I found in one of Bob Jewitt"s columns( ). Last night I scored 31 points. When I failed, it was primarily because I did not hit the object ball perfectly, not because of my lack of draw or follow. Well, after speaking with you today and practicing a bit I gave the test another try and scored a 41! I considered that quite an improvement as tonight I was pocketing balls at least a full diamond further away. Thanks again, Steve Dickey
    Hi there,
    I'm in Appleton, wi right now and will be for about 2 months. Give me a call some time and we can see if there will be a good place and time.

    715-563-8712 Talk to you soon geno...........
    I tried to find your itinerary for the next few months as I am planning on doing some travel and wanted to try to meet up with you.
    Do you have an up to date website with the info or can you give me a few places you will be in that time frame, please?
    I am in Ohio now but plan on going to kentucky Illinois N Mexico Arizona California and could stop a few places in between. Might also go to Wisconsin
    Hey.. i was wondering if you ever come to sac by chance? i would love to get some lessons from you!
    Lmfao i didnt even no you responded. untill i just google my name and was scrolling threw about seven pages worth and saw that you responded . lol so ya hey very cool still working on setting things up so i'll keep you informed on whats going on.
    Hi Scott,

    I'm in. You got it. I think it's great what you are doing. We need more people like you in this pool world.

    This perfect Aim thing is really starting to get big. The shit will hit the fan in about 2 months. I can't wait. Thanks Scott geno...........
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