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    What is the best pool cue joint/pin type?

    3/8x10 is the best pin ever. Source: Trust me bro! (and that's what my cues are so, of course, it's the best!) I'd like to say that I can tell the difference in hit between a metal pin into wood and metal pin into metal but I definitely couldn't tell the difference between a 3/8x10 and radial...
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    Don Mackey Back?

    Looks like Scott Kitto to me.
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    Tokyo area pool rooms

    No I’m just a night owl. Will be there July 1st to the 20th.
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    Tokyo area pool rooms

    Very nice! We actually might go to Nagaoka and also Shibata while we're there.
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    Tokyo area pool rooms

    Nothing wrong at all other than most of the tournaments and stuff here in the US are on Diamonds these days so, if im going to hit balls while I’m in Japan for a few weeks, I’d go somewhere that had Diamonds if it was an option. Nothing wrong with GC’s at all.
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    Tokyo area pool rooms

    Are there any pool rooms in the Tokyo area that have Diamond tables? Seems like most of the places I’m finding online all have Gold Crowns. I’ll be in Abiko, Chiba but I don’t mind taking the train into Tokyo. It’s probably 30-40 minutes by train to Ueno station.
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    Arizona Tourneys

    Wow! Blast from the past! The funny thing is, I kind of remember making that last post in 2003. I am definitely no longer on the scene though.
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    roll call...only those that have been here 10+ years.

    I've been here since pretty much the beginning, although I've been MIA in the Main Forum for some time now.
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    Users who change their user title to "banned" ...

    Why so mean, Mike? ;)
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    Dallas West

    Man I saw the title and thought "oh no!". I'm glad it wasn't another thread on someone we've lost. If I lived anywhere near Rockford, Il, I'd follow the guy around with my pool cue everywhere he went trying to pick up what I could about straight pool. There aren't many left who play that...
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    Name some woofin' quotes that you thought were very funny

    One time at the Sands in Reno Bucktooth was going on and on woofing at Alex to give him some ridiculous spot. Finally Alex told him, "you got it, but you have to play naked and, if anyone laughs, you lose!"
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    When do you have to replace a tip?

    I don't think it's really an issue of how thick or thin it is. Like Jay said, some players like their tips really thin. When the tip stops playing how you like it to play, that's when it's time to replace it. I notice a point where I stop getting the same action out of the cue ball (whether...
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    Shane Van Boening on Bullying

    Well, Jay. You'll know you've come full circle when you start wetting the bed again. :wink:
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    CJ Wiley Runs 29 balls in 1P using TOI

    That kind of seems to be the case in any game or sport. I don't see anything wrong with it. While helping people out might be satisfying and/or rewarding, it's still work. I don't want to work for free, and I don't suspect anyone else wants to either. I haven't read many of CJ's posts, but...