69 yrs old, grandpa 8 times. Started playing pool in 56, quit in 60 after discovering cars and girls, started playing again in 99. Now have a Diamond Pro, a hot rod in the garage, a wife who still likes me, a dog who thinks I'm the best Life is good.11/01/2020 Life is good but now I'm 77 and can't play pool. Physical problems.

The wife, grandkids, my big Border collie Buddy. AA date 11-29-81.
Jul 8, 1943 (Age: 80)
Jim Sward 729 E. Losey, Galesburg, Il 614
Substance Abuse counselor


"The average man seeks certainty in the eye of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence.
The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eye and calls that humbleness."
Carlos Castenada

"Make no distinction between the difficult and the less difficult shot but apply yourself completely to each opportunity to strike a pool ball". Mark Wilson

"No nonchalantin at the pool table!" Sailor

Live like somebody left the gate open!


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