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  • Non pool but A Twitch streamer in Austin that might be a good interview for you. Safe travels.
    Hey Joe,

    My name is Chris Niksch, I own Geogia Billiard Academy in Marietta, Ga.

    I have been trying to find a way to get hold of you. So hopefully you'll get this. I am currently putting together an event and would like to talk to you about possibly being a special guest.

    My contact number is 404-580-8448

    Look forward to possibly hearing from you,

    Hey man. I am a big fan, Comedy MMA and Pool. NICE! Your Earl impersonations are the funiest shit I have heard you do yet. I played him at the Derby City Classic a year ago and he was pissed. At one point I went eight n out on him at one hole and he freaked out about how I had hid his chalk from him. Than I saw Corey Deule on the next table holding it up to show me. Lol. You woulda loved it.
    Have you played pool a long time? What kinda cue do you play with?
    Joe, it's crawfish from Raleigh. Would you possibly send us a signed photo for our new poolroom? You gotta lot of fans here, and I told them you were a pool player and no one believes me. It would be put up here in Sharky's. 919-805-9964
    It was nice meeting you at the TAR match. Thanks for the commentary. Will (big guy that was with Earl)

    I heard on your podcast interview with Adam Carolla that you used a sensory deprivation do you think that has worked for your game? Are you able to recall that relaxed state on demand when you play? Also curious what kind of cue you like...


    I just wanted to say your Earl video is brilliant!! While searching for video of his matches it comes up and I always have to watch it again. It makes me laugh every time.:)


    Joe, your PM box is full, and for the life of me I cant figure out how to shoot you a PM on your forum. Its in regards to your indy show, let me know how I can get this to you. Thanks.
    Hey Joe, You probably don't know me, I'm a cuemaker from Ohio and an old friend of Earls. My son just stoped over and wanted me to listen to a podcast he was in to. Turned out to be YOU! lol I showed him your "Earl Spoof", Which I also showed to Danny DiLiberto last week when he was staying with me. We all agree that the Earl thing you did was GREAT!! Also seems that you reach 3 generations with your comedy which is hard to do! Keep up the good work and if you ever find yourself in the Southern Ohio area, you got action. Sherm, aka cuesmith
    Hey Joe,
    I've been a fan since I first heard you on the Stern show back in 2000, bought your comedy CD, it's great! I didn't know you were a pool afficianado untill recently, I have played since I was a kid in Union, NJ. Artie Lange played many a game on my table with my younger brother when they were teenagers. If you're ever in Knoxville, give me a shout, we'll play some. Best regards,
    I just read your post "Pink changed my life"... and I couldn't agree more.

    -"It doesn’t have to be a song, it could be an athletic performance, or it could be a painting, or even the written word crafted so perfectly that it sneaks into your perceptions and rewires your imagination.
    You can call it the zone, you can call it Zen, you can call it brilliance, but however you describe the particular expression – whatever the **** you want to call it -
    there’s something unmistakably satisfying about seeing a fellow human hit some rare air.

    So well spoken... and I feel the same way!!! I love and live for these moments, not just from me, but in other people and it's just awesome and inspiring...
    I have always enjoyed the way you express yourself in your stand up, especially when your dealing with the crowd... your thoughtful and obviously witty. I guess what I wanted to say is that It's nice to see that your always thoughtful.
    Do you want to do a challenge match for a charity this year? Max told me it would be a good game. I know your busy-i'm reaally happy for you. I'm working on a new biz that will do very good.

    I'd really like to do something for a charity, other than write a check. Since I cant arm wrestle or box, I thought a pool match would be cool. Race to 15 then edited down to 60 minutes.


    I hope you have a nice holiday season, I'm out sending my eletronic Christmas Card's* to my old & new friends(some people I really dont even know-yet) on AZB, Happy Holidays!!!! I am in the Christmas spearit this year!!


    *This is your card :D
    JOE, i don't know if you remember me but we use to play in Stamford, Ct. at nine ball billiards....always had laughs when you came up with Johnny B.(RIP).
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