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  • Thanks Man. I think I will save my smoking post and just copy and paste it everytime a new smoking ban thread opens up, as it just a matter of time before the next one pops up. see ya, RJ
    Thanks a bunch. I replied in the thread, and then found this private message, too. Cool.

    I had thought about a solution much like what you have used, and wondered if others had done so successfully. It was interesting that yours was the first and only response talking about anything similar.

    Our heat/cold doesn't fluctuate too terribly here, save for jan/feb and july/august. The other months are usually fairly temperate, enough that I don't think I'm gonna worry too much. But if I can put together something like what you suggested, I won't have to worry in any event.

    I'm actually quite surprised that someone hasn't come up with a professional solution for this, and market it. I would like to think I'm not the only one who would prefer to leave the cue in the car for any of a variety of reasons. Then again, I guess I'm not like other people, heh.

    Thanks again for your help.
    check your thread about leaving your cue in the car, I gave you the long version answere to that question. If I can help more pls ask. I know lots about this topic because of living in extreme heat. And I own a lot of cues. and have experience I'm more than glad to help you. If your cue ever gets frozen(litterly) bring the temp up real slow, we have that problem shipping cues sometimes, we try and avoid it-but it happens. Last week I had a cue shipped to Barry Szam and it was froze when he got it-we talked about it, he let it warm up real slow, he reshipped it to me the next day from Pa to Nv and its perfect. However you dont want that sort of thing to happen everyday as problems will result.

    Glad to help


    eric :)
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