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  • Just wondering if you have any hager cases left I want to buy one now. Thanks. You can call or text me at 6623150739
    Hey Mike.....can you give me some idea of what you'd like to get for your six pointer, please? Not for me but for Bob. He's a great guy, a know? Lives in Calvert county and he used to come by the shop regularly to hang out and pick our brains. The guy loved hanging out with me and Tony so I'd like to see if I can exact a deal between the two of you. Absolutely nothing in it for me whatsoever, that I assure you.
    Hey Mike,
    How the heck are you? And how is your Dad doing?
    Tell me what's going on with you these days. If you send me a PM I will pass along my email addy and phone number. If ever you get down this way let me know. May if the timing is right you can spend some time here in Delray. I have a GC1 in my home and we can spare a bit. I don't play a lot these days but enough to make it competitive for you. I think?
    I was just checking out your page. I love the cue case in the pics, and the older boar. I have a nice, original RS-4 coming in about three days, and I can't wait. Fatboy helped me with the deal. Anyway, it looks like you have some really cool stuff. Take care.

    Heard you got some searcy footage. Can you call me next time you watch it and leave the speaker on?
    hey bro, i spoke with you at the derby in jan. i was running with the John Hager....
    i recognized your photo from your avitar. i am Thomas feel free to give me a buzz.....
    thanks again for such a nice post. that means a ton to me. not for popularity but in my heart as a person. that was real real nice, i'm gonna go to sleep now and with that nice thought i'll sleep well.

    kindest regards

    Eric/Fatboy :)
    Please feel free to leave a message. Please leave a message. It would be great and fun to look back on and see all the members that stopped by.
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