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  • Hi, if your still interested in the Schon R-10 that I have (the one with a crack ferrule) I will let you have it for......
    Do you have the McDermott D-1 on e-bay?If so,how does it roll together & apart?Length & diameter of shaft?Thank you,Johnny Rosato
    looking for Kamui tips?
    send info. on cost per tip
    what other types of tips do you have?
    email jesaxman@comcast.net
    cell 814-880-1432
    John Saxman
    I might have some stuff for sale troy- cue books . dvd instructional tapes,Cent ball sets- schon r-15 another too! wood ,wood wood exotic too. some cut for pts etc already- what is the shop address? if your interested after the 16 t. mark
    I was told to find you for schons, Can you help?

    Doesnt need to be new, can be beat up if only one found.

    Let me know.

    hi Troy, this is Mike. Jonas and I have come to an agreement on my Schon R16. He says he uses you for escrow. Im new to this and jus wanted to check everything out and make sure im not sending my cue away to never never land. If you have a minute could you message me back and let me know how this works. Jonas said he would be contacking you shortly also. Thanks
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