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  • hey troy,
    i ordered a 12.75 mm schon shaft from your ebay store sunday night.
    do you know how long it will take to get here to washington from your location?
    sean harrington
    aka all4moose
    Hey I'm looking for a kamui black med tip and a reg kamui med. tip. I heard your were the man. I would like both of them 13mm, but all I've seen anywhere on the net is 14mm.
    Hey Troy

    I've been out for so long, I need to figure out what all of these "friends requests" are. You seem to be doing quite well and have really found your niche in this on AZ. I have so much "stuff" that I can't buy anything these days. I am getting a new SW this week but that's it. Still a cue addict, out on a medical disability (working a little)...peace
    Thanks Troy
    Your the best. Did you ever get that XXXL tall or do you still need it. I have been waiting to hear back on that one to do yours.... Let me know.

    Would you consider an offer of $550 delivered for Schon #1 in your ad?


    lost your numbers and your price for kamui blacks. I purchased 5 at once. Was at a local cue makers shop, went to give him your number and address and couldn't find it in my phone
    Hi Troy!

    I am looking for a fairly cheap uni-lock cue.
    I have a beautiful z Shaft, and am in need of a butt to go with it (Mainly the uni-lock butt, but the shaft that comes with can be used as a back up shaft if its a whole cue)

    If you have any uni-lock cues, please PM me what you have.
    Manny thanks,
    i am not sure what is being requested,this is the first time i have seen this,is it an az thing or
    hey Troy,
    I'm needing a few Kamui tips but I've got a few questions...please give me a call, 214-418-9016, anytime.

    My name is Jerrell Eason.
    And Thank You!

    Do you have black pigskin leather wraps?

    I got the tips very quicky thanks for the great deal and excellent service
    I just purchased a sneakiestpete cue from rick, I would like to find someone in the twin cities to do a little custom work on it. Recommend anyone?
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