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  • Hellos, I just picked up one of your 3 piece cues. It is a purpleheart with tanish colored joints and butt. I LOVE this piece of wood. You did some fine work on this moster breaker. Question, why does it look black? someone told me it was a "sleeved" cue (never heard of that before). Someone else said it was just stained black. Hoping you can provide some insight. This is one cue i wont be parting with. This is also the cue im going to master the eight on the break with. Also, i love the taper and tip. Can you also tell me what this cue would retail for, not that it matters now that it is in my paws.
    Peace, Michael
    I was wondeing if you have any interest in purchasing rare high end cues or know someone who would be interested? I have a barry szamboti and a black boar and maybe selling a gus szamboti.
    Troy, I just recently took over the cue repair business at Ryno Room Billiards in Kokomo In. I am interested in some tips other than the Kamuis that I have purchased from you in the past. Do you have a listing on your website? And do you sell wholesale and retail both? Thanks Terry Aeschliman
    was wondering if you new were i could get a r14 runde schon stiched rings 3194503936 dj thank you
    Troy I'm interested in a trade for a case too ,those other tips and some blk Kamui- who knows what else. Mark
    Hello I just picked up a matching set of your cues the player has ebony and what I think is redwood or something along that and the jump break has the same woods. I noticed that your logo on these is engraved on the weight bolt instead of on the butt cap. It cam with 2 tiger x ultra shafts for the player and a flat laminated shaft for the j/b I was wondering if you could give me a value on a matching set
    Thank you
    troy interested in a really nice gordon panto- big table machine - rebuilt,belts,mauals plates etc.It is really nice-under a thousand- but we'd need to unassemble a bit and haul on trailer.Ill ask keith too.Its my gunsmith friend.
    Hey Troy, are and Tom coming to Rugby this year? I would like you to build a purpleheart jump break butt for the double tipped jump stick I bought from you. I want the 2nd joint about 8 inches from the butt cap. It is a radial pin. Is that possible?
    Got any goldbond???
    hello Troy- I guess you have a Nova Hustler sp or something of that nature. on E-bay currently. A friend of mine is very interested- how much ? This guy sold me my szaboti shafts and has been working on a guy because he just took 4 on trade in(NYorks way,Jersey. tell me what ya got to have and I'll call him tomorrow,see if it is the magic number. thanks mark
    Your item is on its way to Mark now with corian attached to the box, added a lil extra for your patience !
    Take care buddy
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