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  • hey Mark, Pat Curley again. I pulled up your message and it disappeared before I could write your number down. I do have interest in Diamond table. how many do you have? cost to me?
    thanks Pat 816-729-7669
    Hey mark it’s Pat Curley again fro KC, The Rambo Q guy .
    I was at a tournament at shooters in Olathe Kansas last weekend and ran into a guy that may be helped you with your room design I think he may of came to Vegas and he was talking about getting in ordering a couple diamond tables and we had a discussion that you used to be part of diamond so I thought I would check with you and see if you still had contacts where I might be able to get a table
    Thanks Pat
    Hello, sorry to write to you. Trying to get in touch with Justin. I bought some videos from TAR and can't stream or download at the moment some of them from Vimeo. Can you help? Thanks in advanced.
    Hi Mark,
    Curious about about the bar table tourney in Reno this year, 2016 ?? Haven't heard anything about it.
    Minor health problems kept me home last couple years, looking forward to this year.

    J. Dale
    Hi Mark:

    Just FYI, the link that you gave Steve ("Ak Guy") is broken -- it gives the following error:

    Server Error in '/' Application.

    The resource cannot be found.

    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /Events/2013BCAPLNationalChampionships/2013BCAPLEntries.aspx

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.5466; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.5456

    Might want to pass along to CSI's webmaster.

    Go to: http://www.playbca.com/Events/2013BCAPLNationalChampionships/2013BCAPLEntries.aspx

    Then download the evetn you want to play. On the entry form you can pay the $25 player membership fee. This will allow you to play in the 9-Ball Challenge, or the singles events - (But not the open or leisure division). You can also then practice or play in the mini events for free table time since eveything is green fees.

    Really is a good deal for someone who wants to play.
    Future requests etc - use my email if I need to respond: markg@playcsipool.com.

    Mark Griffin
    Hi Mark,
    I shoot pool once in awhile with a school teacher from Ninilchik, named Brian Hickey. He is wanting to come to Vegas and shoot in July but there is no BCA on the Kenai. I told him to call you or PM you on the forums and maybe get some ideas. I hope you don't mind me giving him your number. He is a good and honest pool shooter. A friend of mine from Michigan wants me to go too , but again, no BCA in Kenai.

    Best Wishes, Steve
    Hi Mark,
    I shot the Intermediate 8 ball at the Billiard Palace Fur Rondy Tournament. It was my first real tournament. There were 64 players in the 8 ball event. After 7 matches and 44 games I won the tournament. I bought myself for $20.00 in the Calcuta and won $3,000.00 from it and $650.00 for 1st place. I screwed up the 9 ball game due to incompetence on my part and came in 6th. Had plenty of chances to advance and messed up. Crap! Any way, it was a hoot. Some nice lady named Ann was running the tournament, you probably know her. Ce was with me for the finals and said it was nerve racking. LOL I told her I was in the right place at the right time and will never do that good in the Open or State tournaments. She forgets how old I am and does not really understand the pool games. Best wishes.
    Hi mark this is SnNorris3142 I am the one claiming pool can be saved.

    My email is snnorris3142@gmail.com please email me your email or some sort of private way to contact?
    I wasnt at the Riv much this year, between my back and biz stuff I didnt get there much. Everything looked to be great and everyone I sopke to had a great time. You do one heck of a job, bravo!!!!

    I hope your ventures this year all work out, I was wrong when I said it was going to be a interesting year-its been a rather normal year. I hope sales are strong at Diamond for you as well.

    please say hello to Sunny, as I didnt see her this year, infact I didnt even make it into the tournment room for the 10 ball tournment.

    best regards,

    Eric :)
    Thank you for your post on our upcoming tourny. From your post it was obvious that no
    one had told you about Robin. I lost him a year ago Jan 9th. He's probably with Andy running a big nine ball tourny in heaven.
    Barbara Workman
    Happy new year!!!!

    I hope you and Sunny have a great 10, and continued success with your endovers in pool, I will contact that casino we discussed after the first of the year. That was the arrangment I made with him a couple months ago. I have done a bit of networking with players for it as well. You have my full support and If I can be of assistance please let me know,

    best regards to you and SunnyD,


    Mosconi cup was fun this year, I busted my tail helping Nick(that was thehugest honorI ever had in pool)
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