Michael Andros

I was born the 9th day of the 9th month... guess what my favorite game is.

Playing nineball.
September 9
Clearwater, Florida
Practicing nineball.



Player: Ariel Carmeli Titlist Balaushka Tribute
Player: Sideways JossWest
Player: Dave Brainard Titlist - Rambow replica
Player: Tad model Tad-4-P
Player: Meucci QB-12
Player: Joss 10-08
Case: Fellini 1x2
Case: Katana 2x4

"Nobody in the world is going to do anything but sit and watch... while you run out."

~ Tony Proestos ~

"If they don't make you post, bet high!"

~ Fat Randy ~

"The secret to winning one pocket? Run more 8 and outs."

~ Ronnie Allen ~