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    WTB Complete Set of Cyclop Balls

    New is not important....but condition is. Skittle or standard colors...doesn't matter. Delivered to Oklahoma. If you have a set please post a pic and a price. Thank you, Ken
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    Online Tournament Management and Bracketing Web Site

    I introduced a lot of the pool world to a couple of years ago. Well, Don Bodden (AZB user dbodden1019) has taken it to the next level for pool! is the best tool I have used for running tournaments. I have used for a lot of events but this...
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    Bridge Arm and Shoulder Tension

    Looking for instructor opinions on bridge arm and shoulder tension..... On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being loose as a goose and 10 being locked down tight like a bulldog's bite, what would you think would be optimal for most players? Any other insights on the subject are welcomed! Thank you, Ken
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    My BCAPL Vegas Experience

    The good and the not so good... The good The rooms were nice! I expected a small kitchen of sorts but that was a small issue. Refrigerator held plenty of beer and water and kept both very cold! I liked the life sized pictures of players as you walked down the hall just before the pool area...
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    1994 Pro Tournament at Riviera

    I recently purchased a table which was used in the finals of a tournament at Riviera in 1994. Unfortunately we haven't been able to remember what tournament it was. It was held during the BCA North American Championships that year. I have been googling it a bit but am having no luck. Does...
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    FS - 4x8 Table in OKC Area

    4x8 Brunswick with the ball in claw base. Plays great. Installed black diamond rails about a year ago. These are the same rails that are on a Diamond bar box. Currently has Simonis 860 on it but I would replace the cloth if it was up to me. I have hit a lot of shots from the same place on it and...
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    Posted: Stolen cues

    This is a picture of cues stolen from Bob Owens in Wichita, KS yesterday. Ken
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    AZB Pool Tournament at BCAPL in Vegas!

    It started here ( but I thought the title needed to be more informative to catch more folks attention. Tuesday 7/23 at or around 1pm we will be gathering for a tournament comprised of AZB'ers. No entry has been discussed. I see no reason...
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    AZB's AKATrigger on Livestream

    She is playing for the hot seat of the OB Cues Ladies' Tour against OKC's Sherri Foley! Free live stream compliments of Jamaica Joe's! Enjoy! Ken
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    OB Cues Ladies' Tour Event

    Jamaica Joe's is hosting an OB Cues Ladies' Tour event this weekend and providing a free stream!
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    Runde Era Shafts vs LD Shafts

    I have 3 of Runde era shafts and a gentleman was telling me yesterday I was crazy to not be using them. I asked him why and he said because they are better. So... How do these shafts stack up against today's LD shafts? What are the differences in play-ability? Ken p.s. didn't there used to...
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    AZB Felix playing on stream!

    AZB's Felix is playing at Ken
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    Looking for Opinions

    As my journey with pool continues I was wondering what the experts might think of where I am today. Specifically - I have been streaming my practice sessions almost every day lately. I don't highlight them but they are there for a couple of days to be...
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    Why Object Ball Last?

    ATI forum looked a little slow today so I thought I would bug ya'll. :eek: It seems to me that most players and instructors advocate looking at the object ball before starting the backstroke aka last. But why? What do we gain by doing this? Thank you! Ken
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    What center cueball has done for "The Blade"Stevie Moore

    Thank you Mr. Moore! Please...PLEASE ignore those who would derail a thread like this (both sides of the fight). There are many of us out here reading and learning from those willing to share. But as players of a more humble standing we tend to stay quiet so it is kinda hard to tell we are...