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    Fractional aiming zones - new system

    Book ordered! Thank you for sharing what you learned! Ken
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    FargoRate experiences in your area?

    The thing about it John is that the detractors are so small in number (though vocal) they will be irrelevant once things get rolling. Most in OKC will feel like Rob from ND does in the end.....IMO Press on...let Fargorate do it's thing! Ken
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    FargoRate experiences in your area?

    I am advocating Fargorate here in OKC. I have been at it for a little over a year now. I am running 3 tournaments weekly using Fargoratings. I even used Mike's spreadsheet for a round robin tourney this evening. In 20+ years around pool I have not seen a better system. Not perfect by any means...
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    Billiard University (BU) playing-ability-exam scores and ratings

    I know it has been a while since I took your test David but I am a well established 625 in Fargorate with over 1400 games in. I think I might be a little better today than I was when I took your test but not by much. At least I hope I am a little better... :o:o:o: Ken
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    New OB shaft issue(s) - Seyberts or OB or me?

    OB doing what OB does! #respect Ken
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    Mike Dechaine and the rack...?

    First off....chalks his cue weird might be the funniest criticism I have EVER heard! Thank you for that! LOL Something to think about though... The honest person is almost always labelled something other than honest until people learn that they really are just honest. And I am not talking...
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    Mike Dechaine and the rack...?

    I know two things first hand about MD. 1 - He plays American Rotation This tells me he is able to see the benefit of a new game and understand that real change is needed in order for pool to grow. OKC's local heroes should have been all over it but chose to abstain. Made no sense to me when...
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    Our Young American Players Lose

    Jay has it right. We need to focus on getting youth to play. But everyone knows this already. I believe to get to the kids you have to capture the parent. To capture a parent to the point they hand down their love for the game to their kids the environment must be cleaned up. Integrity is what...
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    Why Do Low-Squirt Cues Jump Like White Guys?

    Spot on for masse, IMO. The very first thing I had to adjust using my OB-1 was to aim away from the blocking ball. I never realized I was using deflection until that moment. I just point and fired and trusted it. Good thread, Patrick! I hope Dr. Dave and/or Bob Jewett join in! But maybe they...
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    "Equal Distribution" tournament format

    Interesting idea...I remember reading this when it was posted. Players sure get skiddish though when they don't know where all the money goes. And Mike Page makes an excellent point.....finals between different tiers would be an issue!
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    Can you be too smart to play good pool?

    I agree with you. But I think you might be overlooking the fact that these people have more options than playing pool for a living. My point being that they aren't missing natural talent. They are missing the time required to master the game. Ken
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    Pool halls with multiple diamond tables?

    Jamaica Joes in OKC 16 7 footers and 3 9 footers....all diamonds Ken
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    Can a Pool Player Prevent Missing Shots by Constant, Consistent, Calibration?

    I didn't pose my question as perfectly as I should have. But my point is that if a player is constantly questioning his aim then he will never succeed. Faith is the most powerful tool a pool player has! And while in a match he/she better be shooting and not thinking about his/her fundamentals...
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    Can a Pool Player Prevent Missing Shots by Constant, Consistent, Calibration?

    The elusive zone - While you say do not seek it you laid out a very good path to it. Excellent post! Ken
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    Who best to head a new Players org?

    You cannot leave those who created the problem in charge of fixing it. Not my quote but it fits... Ken