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  • Well, my friend, it's time to check the mail. I think your up on a lot of these players on this blog. Stay cool and make sure and get Lywood's number. He can tell you who I am.
    Another tip is to talk about the money you lose, stretch the truth and NEVER tell anyone you beat. Try to beat people in private places. Make hard games in public places. Like you said it's a art. The lost to Bobby, everyone saw it. I didn't plan to lay an egg but it worked out quite well. I won't mention all the money I won because of that loss but you get my point.
    True that. I've seen my share of it traveling the roads with Tony back in the day. It was amazing the games he would get himself into and walk away with the $$$. Awesome experience for sure. Most people now....don't want an edge. They want the entire knife and the wallet attached to the whale. I just stay away from those ones
    Yeah pretty much true. I loved playing Dave. He always gave me great insight while taking my money. But I didn't mind it much. It was a learning process for me. I never lost much tho. Yes. Everyone wants a lock for the most part. I just want to match up evenly and fairly and go from there. Whomever wins, wins. Just a good fair game. Hard to find anymore. Everybody wants to steal. Don't get it. That's why I mainly stick to playing guys I know. And there are plenty around here that I know so I always have a game somewhere. All of my cues have tips put on by Dave. I don't know what I'm gonna do when it's time to change them out.
    Yea, I love to watch Dave play. I knew he was a good at golf but I never played that game. I guess you still play. I hear the pool world has changed a lot. People always wanting a lock when it comes to gambling. True?
    Playing Dave even is/was a dangerous undertaking. Especially if he didn't like you. The man definitely had CB control. For sure.
    Greg use to play Bollman even in one pocket, so that's a pretty good speed. Now Bowman wasn't in his prime and it seem Greg was always improving. I didn't actually see these matches but heard about them.
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