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  • Wow....some of those names I haven't heard of in quite some time....Onion!!!! WOW!. Are you talking about "Big Head" Jimmy? Or a different Jimmy? There were several...
    Yeah but I haven't seen him in a long time. He might have passed away. I'm not sure. I was going to Qs almost every day from 99 until last year. Now I only go about once or twice a month, if that. I moved closer to Richmond so I usually go to Diamond Billiards now. But I'm missing playing 3custion pretty badly.
    I knew, Cave, Mel, Onion, Bob, just about all the players. Jimmy was a fellow I really liked. Very honest. Do they still play?
    What is your name? My name is Mike Pace. I know most of the current and former players that frequent Q-Masters. I first started going there when the place was in a different location back in 86-88. When I moved to VA in 99, I started going back there. I'm still learning this website too.
    It's not easy to learn this program, so I'm not sure you sent me a message and I didn't get it or what.

    I know most the older players around the Va. Beach area, but I'm not player. More of a gambler.

    Damon, Dewayne and a few others I gave lessons to on base. Q-master was a great place to learn but I have stop playing, and didn't gamble much. I guess pool was always about the money, nothing else.

    Well, waiting to see if I know you but I don't think I do.

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