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  • Lynwood is a good guy. He helped me in so many ways it's not even funny. Both personal and in pool, all my respect goes toward my friend Lynwood. Is he still married?
    Ok, we're not talking about the same Vernon, Cave's name is Gary. Big Head Jimmy is a good guy, kind of slow in some ways. Woody, now that's name is familiar but I don't remember. I don't play anymore or do I follow pool. I did join this blog though. Barry knows Kemp, Va. Beach has so many players it's not even funny. The old Q-master, I liked a lot.
    Hell....I don't think I know Vernon's last name. I just called him Vernon or Vern. He always looked like Capt Lou Albino from the old wrestling Don't remember him ever leaving to go to TN or such. He did leave a few years ago and lived in San Diego for a while. Then he came back
    I know Mr. Lynwood. I've known him for a long A$$ time. I learned alot from him when I was (and still am) learning how to play one pocket. Big Head Jimmy was always funny. Loved watching him shoot and all the little gyrations he would do afterwards. The Vernon I'm talking about was Filipino. Didn't know Kemp. But I might know him if I saw his picture. Swamp Rat....yeah knew him. I'll put Caveman in the same boat at Kemp. I might actually know him by his real name. Woody is still around playing. One of the last old players we have around now besides Dave White that regularly come to Qs. I saw Damon year before last I think. He came into Dave's shop and bought some shafts while Dave and I were watching LPGA golf on the tv. Funny dude
    I don't think we're talking about the same Vernon. What was Vernon's pool name? If you can tell me that then perhaps we are.
    Damon moved home when he Dad died. I use to run with Caveman a lot. Did you know Harry Lee? truck driver, big time gambler? Don ran gibbs billards. Total ass hole, (my opinion) but a good player.
    Did you know Kemp the car salesman? Couldn't play that good but LOVE to gamble. He got his nose open one night playing Cripple Bill and LOST a ton of money, cars, and even owed Barry a bunch of money. Happen around 1990 ish.
    Are you sure we're talking about the same Vernon? Vernon from Chattanooga TN?? He had a stroke in 2006, died in 2009 of a heart attack. STRONG player!
    Lywood Berry is Onion, good one pocket player, Jimmy is probably "big head Jimmy", seems a tad slow but one hell of a player.
    Al plays alot of one-pocket. Has a long ZZ-Top kinda beard now. Dave Palmer is an older man. Kinda reminds me to the Hunchback from Notre Dame. Plays mostly 3cushion and straight pool. Yeah...Vernon passed away just out of the blue. I saw him one night late as we closed Qs down. Even played him some 3cushion for cheap. The next day, I come in, and everyone was asking me if I had heard about Vern. I was going to go to the hospital to see him but he passed away before I could get there. I don't know about any good chile tho. Sorry
    There are some strong players here now. Chris Futrell and Eric Moore are probably the two best we have. Brandon Pureza is on AZ alot. He moved to Charlotte so he doesn't come in as much as he used to. I see Brandon Shuff all the time when he is in town.
    You asked about Cripple Bill. I hadn't seen him in a long time. I still see Dave White all the time. He usually plays Troy one-pocket or just practices by himself. Or he will have me and Dave Palmer play 3custion. I don't think he is driving a cab or living in his car/van anymore. I know a male and female Mel. Which one? lol. Al bought Dave Bollman's shop before he passed. Did you know Vernon? He passed not too long ago. So did Billy. We are losing old school players left and right :(
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