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  • Yea, this program sucks. I believe my wife could write a better one. Everything is wide open and I think there is a delay in our so called private messages. Which isn't private at all.
    Yea, Charlie was just a kid then, BOY over night he got good. I mean REAL good. We would play ring games but we wouldn't let him play.
    Funny....last real tournament I played was back in 91 prior to getting married. I've played in some local ones at Qs. But nothing serious since 91 when I was running the roads with Tony E when I was living in Charleston SC
    I use to play a guy over there Newport News by the name of tiny, it was a nick name. Rough guy who made his living shrimping I think. Good player. I mean for me I thought he was. Last tourmentment I went to was in 1992, I didn't stay long.
    I only hope to be playing as well as Woody when I'm his age. Next time I see Woody, I will ask him about Bobby. I've met CJ and Charlie many times. First met Charlie over in Newport News when he was younger. CJ comes to most of the US opens.
    Yea, I'm not into drugs. I had a bout with coke for 13 months, went broke, gave it all up in middle 80's. I'm not down on pot smoking but I haven't smoked pot since 1985.
    I don't think I know that Bobby. Although, I do know some Bobby's that love the coke. I kinda have a nose for those sorta things....LOL. I stay clear when possible.
    Bobby left Q-master and went on the road, he came back every now and then. Loved the cocain and was aging fast every time I saw him. 1988 he gave me the 5 and the break and BEAT me. I lost a small ton of money but played so bad I had action for years.
    Ok. Well, it's going to be hard for me to tell Mr. Lynwood who I've been speaking to about him and all the old

    Yeah...half-mutt (Scottish, Irish, Cherokee, and a smidgen of French). Mutt to
    I don't have Mr. Lynwood's number but I will try to get it the next time I'm there and sent it to you. Woody is an older white man, about 6'1 -6'3" or abouts, plays really sporty for a guy his age. Plays with an old Black Boar cue and has an old Meucci that Bob Meucci made specifically for him back in the 70's. He played alot with Dave White and Dave Bollman. Knew all the players. Likes to bet it up. Owned a construction business before he turned it over to his son. Awesome guy.
    lol, you're not mutt, Sorry, I haven't revealed my name to anyone. I don't want to be rude but it's personal. Hope you understand.
    Yes, there are alot of really good players in VB. I love it. I just wish I was a little closer to get there more often than I do. What is your name? I'm Mike Pace. Billiard Mike or Hawaiian Mike is what most people call me. Half-Japanese, Half-mutt.
    Mike it was nice meeting you. A glance into the past is good. Can you possibly give me Lynwood's phone number? I just leaned that cave (Gary) has alzhemers'. (sp) Mel is a big man, old timer, good 8 ball player. I'm still trying my best to place Woody but if my memory severs me right he's one hell of a player.
    Yeah...I miss the old Q-Masters. The one now is really big tho. Plenty of pool tables. And Barry was smart enough to put up the 3C table. Still wish he would have made room for the snooker table he had stored away tho. Mr. Woodhouse "Woody" has been around forever. He played really well back in his early years (70s) and played Bollman alot. He still plays with Fred on occasion. I believe Mr. Lynwood is still married. I've never asked
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