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  • The book...I love it, so much info. Some of it I knew but there is much info in this publication that I will need to go over it again;)

    I hope things are good, finally summer here, still in the low 40's in the am.
    The Billiard Encyclopedia is so cool. I am being very careful with it(incase you want it back). This book should be seen and read several times. Thanks Paul.

    I want to make you a snooker cue to compliment your pool cue but I am slow. Maybe I can start on it when the snow flies.

    I posted this via PM but your over topped. Must be great to be in demand
    Even the great Efren has to use the Dog The 9 Hotel sometimes :smile:

    J-Hall and John Tedder after a long night of action :yikes:


    Feel free to use any pictures i post anyway you like :thumbup:
    And you do it the best, I must say. Consider that my homage to you!

    And happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours!
    Hey there. I reset my password and regained access. I wont be playing much, but ill check in from time to time. Thanks.
    Thanks for green , most of these guys wouldn't bet 50 dollars that there is water in the ocean, they are too slick to go for that!
    Just ask them lol
    Hi PT109. The other day, on another thread, I asked you for permission to PM you but you never replied. Perhaps you never revisited the thread and did not see my request. So, I am taking this opportunity to PM you with a small question. If you are unhappy with my PM, I apologize. My question is this: On another thread regarding pattern racking you said something like this: Why not rack them 1
    Was this facetious or is there a reason that you suggested it? I would appreciate a short reply but if you do not want to do so, it is OK with me.


    Haha. Thank you for the compliment. I'm more a lurker than a poster. You seem like a knowledgeable, level-headed poster with a great sense of humor.
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