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  • Best birthday wishes go out to The Queen!

    Linda, I publish a local Billiard Magazine and will have some info/stories about Cole in there. I know Mike and Cole were good friends when younger. If he would like to say something I would be happy to get it in the June edition. Contact me at cuesportsjournal@gmail.com

    Thanks, John
    Hi Linda just wanted to tell you about the new womens shirts coming out next week. So check the website if your interested. We are going to have some track suits by the end of the month as well. The shoes are going to be a little while longer. Thank you
    how ahve you been, I havent seen much of you round here recently, hope all is good, best regards eric
    thanks Linda for the rep! I am glad that I wrote something that you found worthy of your time and interest.
    Hi Linda,Thx for the Hello.I hope everything is well on your end.Oh and try to make it to vegas next year,Me,Bev,Collyne are thinking of getting a mixed team going for vegas next year.I really missed it this year.
    take care,i will say hi to the girls for ya.
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