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    MArble Pool tables check this out.. Ran across this.. Thought someone might like it.
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    I wanna buy a new Cue.. 1000 is my limit..

    I would like to have the Schon Ltd skull cue but other than that I have know idea what I want open to offers.. Show me the cues.. =)
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    Does anyone have the Deuel vs Archer 9ball match..

    This was recorded I dont remember where.. Only thing I remember is that iw as on a diamond pro.. =) A dvd would be great a link would be just as good..
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    WTB Andy Gilbert Jump break

    Im looking for a Gilbert Jump break.. doesnt really matter what kinda shape its in.. =)
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    Wtb Balabushka production cue..

    I think Adam cues had a line of balabushka's Im looking for the plain jane model .. Long story.. =) I cannot find it anywhere online..
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    One of the best straight pool breaks I have saw..

    What do you think..?
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    Azbilliards Should Give Away a free t-shirt

    I think Azbilliards should give away a free t-shirt. What for you ask? For example: For every member that has 5k posts. To keep ppl from spamming they would also have to have so many rep points.. Just an idea.. Club members only.. Where do I sign up for that again..
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    Old VHS TAPES for sale or trade..

    I was looking threw my old junk and found a box full of these.. How to play pool right Jerry Briesath Robert Byrne'sPower Pool Work Out Shanon Daulton vs Jr Gay 2001 One-pocket Billy and Danny Commentators Secrets of Hustlin Pool Pretty Boy Floyd The Ultimate One pokect tape part 2 (the...
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    Gota ge me one of those Jake Justin cases.. Ga young Kim whats in the case.. =)
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    John Schmidt vs Corey Deuel Finals Diamond Players Championship

    Found this lil gem.. this morning.. =)
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    Old Pool Balls for sell..

    7$ each 5 balls minimum .. If you buy more than 10 Ill cut a better deal.. Buyer pays shipping.. pm me for info ps Some balls have a number on one side and an A, Q I belive there was a poker game or something.. =)
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    2 Schons, 3 predator shafts, Jacoby jump cue, Custom break cue, and a silver fox case

    A lil blurry... Ltd 240 with 314^2 $400 Cx16 with 314^2 $450 ld School pred 314 $75 Jacoby Jump $75 Break Stick $100 Silverfox case.. I have no ideal what to ask for this.. make me an offer.. I will mix and match... and sell just a schon butt..
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    2 Schons, 3 predator shafts, Jacoby jump cue, Custom break cue, and a silver fox case

    I have two schons. A cx 16 and a ltd 240, 3 predator 5\16 14 shafts 2 are the 2nd generation the other one is the old school precat. One Jacoby jump cue with phenolic tip, a Break cue =) and a Silver Fox case.. I will post pics later today.. Pm me for any questions.. Or any offers..
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    Detroit Pool Rooms..

    Im thinking about moving to Detroit for awhile.. Wheres the best pool rooms.. Diamond tables are a plus.. but a well kept tight goldcrown is just as good.. I think Ill be living around 9 mile..
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    I need some advice on a new wrap for my schon..

    I have a schon ltd 240.. I am seriously thinking about converting it to a meucci like wrap.. but what wrap would I use.. Any other Ideals.. I also thought about a stacked leather wrap.. or solid flamming maple wrap with finish over it.. here are some better pics...