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  • goodmorning Scott. I'm picking up pets today and tommorrow upnorth bemidji -but how about Monday???? when are you here till- thanks Mark
    Hi Mark...Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the CA pool schools, at the last minute. My wife took ill, and I was forced to drive 2000 miles straight back to MI, to be with her. I'm sure you understand. I'm pretty sure we'll be coming up to Minneapolis for her to see the grandbaby sometime after Xmas or New Years. Hope we can get together again when I'm up there! Best wishes for happy holidays with you and your family too!
    Hope things are ok in calif. classes. Just wanting to send holiday wishes. Have merry Christmas and Happy New year. mark
    Hi Scott,
    I know of you from your videos on UTube. Thanks, I use video a ton when I'm having trouble. It's surprising in that, what I think I'm doing is sometimes so different than what the screen expresses.
    I recently moved to Bozeman and haven't met anyone yet.
    Sorry Scott it got crazy and I totally forgot. Absolutely i will let you know once details are firmed up. Michigan is a tough place to find the right spot to hold such a big event and we really want michigan to benefit not another state but who knows. I will keep in touch and you do that same ok?
    hey there man!!! I had a student for you, but he lost his job and is not in a good spot now. Vegas is getting the worst of the recession, everywhere else I have been in the past year is booming and good times compaired to Vegas. I'm selling all my stuff off and leaving here for good. I will be to old to care when or/if Vegas rebounds. its going to be like Detroit was in the 50-60's just wiped out.

    hope your good, i will keep my eye out for students for you, the guy i had picked was perfect, i'd pay you for him but i'm on tight $$$ right now too!

    Can you give me the make and model of the burner you use? I can't find anything locally except a Sony that they want $230 for. The Walmart here doesn't cary anything. I'm sure I can find it on the net but I want to be sure I get what I think I'm getting.

    Dave Nelson
    ooh scott,
    you are such a funny guy:) 12 year old lol. Actually I'm a grown man now but I do like to engage in child-like games such as pool. Yep, 23 and probably more educated than most of your family. But anyway, how bout them lessons? Ya know, I'm only about an hour away so let me know. Maybe you could be that great teacher that you hear the players thank after a big win. Have a good one Scott.

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