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  • Billy...It's probably just a bad LePro. They are cheap ($1 or so), so you can afford to try a few more, to see if you find one you like. That's what I'd do, if I were you. As you know, the feel of the tip is probably the most important ingredient in "feeling" the shot. Be seeing you in less than a month!

    Hi Scott!, Having some trouble with my Le Pro tip ie; miscues. It was what I used for many years. I changed to layered tips back when they first came out. I believe they were 7 layer back then. Upon my recent return to pool I needed a new tip. 9 years out of the loop I just opted for "old reliable" Le Pro. It could be a lemon, but I am not pleased with it's performance or it's unwarranted miscues. You are most certainly more current than I with today's product. At this point I do not want to spend an inordinate amount on a tip, But I do want soild, predictable performance that coupled with proper maintenance does not hearald unwarranted miscues. I will post a thread on this but I want your personal perspective please. Thank you, Billy Bones
    Thanks Ingo...We hope that you can take the SPF stuff and share it with all your friends and students in Germany! KISS rules!
    Ok my friend,
    cannot often enough to say it-- You, Randy, Steve and some other guys here influenced me so much to play again pool-but much more influenced and forced me to teach and instruct. It gives me so much. Thx for your impressions here on the forum and your great help just answering me some simple things via PM or Email my friend. Keep shooting and always have smooth stroke Scott :)
    K.Mcphee...Everybody has a range of motion with their arm, from the elbow down. When you swing your forearm from the elbow down only (no involvement of the shoulder), your grip hand will "finish" against your chest, near your armpit. This allows your body to stop the cue, as opposed to 'clutching' the cue and stopping the forward movement arbitrarily. This allows (along with a loose grip) the weight of the cue and timing, to create the strokespeed...as opposed to using muscle/power.
    fabfastfredyy...I have my original, that I got from Winning Garb, and my wife found two other perfect replicas on the internet...different companies, different buttons...but the same shirt.
    Thanks for the reply on the post on aiming systems. I did notice the other day that even with my favorite aiming systems, my stroke does change the aiming piont. I got a lot of work to do with my muscle memory.
    Hi Scott,

    Met you for a 5 hour lesson at Chris's Billiards in 2008,read your recent post about going home,I have been very far from home lately so I started watching my DVD's again and cannot locate my folder,is there anyway I could get another copy of your folder. Hope all is well,talk soon.

    Ken Schultz
    good to see you the other day, i'm staying in the house you stayed in, i cant afford to run my AC for the other houses. times are tough

    The evening of Sunday the 12th (after pool school) would work for me IF you were up for it. I know it would make for a heck of a long day for you, so if you'd rather not, I completely understand. Outside of that, we'd be looking at Tuesday the 14th in the morning. My schedule is kinda funky, but I could possibly move things around for whatever works while you're in the area. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks,

    Scott, can you clear some messages in your inbox so I can reply to your PM please? Thanks!
    Hi Scott, thanks for the green :) I really should not have won, but was glad I did. See you next month. Holly
    Thanks for letting me know about the Cue Camp for this summer Scott. I'm up for helping teach when it happens. Maybe I will have the vacation time to spend a week with Thorsten and also go to the US Open this year, I'm going to have to play in that event one of these years.
    I just dug a little further into the Martin County Florida records and there are (2) Timothy J. White's.........The one I found the charges for is 52 yrs old and there is another one that is 40 yrs. old. I have met the Oyster in person and he isn't 52 yrs old. I am truly sorry for the monumental screw up. Even though this guy is a pervert and an all around douchbag, I have to tell him I'm sorry for this mistaken identity. I hope you guys forgive me for jumping the gun in order to further discredit him. (Like he really needs my help on that one).
    I posted this in the thread.
    keep it touch scott thanks for the e-mails. things will work out congratulations on the grandchild. the best things in life are family,and those precisions moments. mark
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