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  • Did you by chance do a worklog or post up some pictures on how you did it? Id like to take a run at one myself!
    SJB, it is truly a pleasure reading your posts and learning some insights from you. Yes, I am in Telco on the network architecture side of the house, primarily in mobility. Thanks for the rep and the continued support. I look forward to the day that our paths may cross over a one pocket match in the not too distant future. Godspeed my friend!!
    I can highly reccomend that particular wine. I lived in Italy for three years in the 70's... drank lots of good vino.............
    yeah, the matching light is awesome. I have a '46 Anniversary and want to do a light system like the one you have which seems to be based on the Diamond Pro light design, which is the best table light I've ever seen in the industry. Currently using a retro can track lighting system until I have time to make something else. Thought about obtaining some old corner castings to use for the light's corners if they can be found. Crafting those rounded corners from wood seems a bit daunting.
    great avitar!!!!! I love the matching lite above the table, I have a Centennial that was only recovered one time, it has the origonal backer boards on the slate and there are 2 sets of holes from stapleing the cloth to it. Some day I want to set it up, It would look horrible in my house in Vegas or LA, your table would look good in my LA house, I love both the anniversary and centennial tables equally. When I saw a chance to pick up one in mint condition I did-now where to set it up???

    my best to you

    eric petersen

    if your ever in Vegas please look me up.
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