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  • Maybe you can help or direct me ? I’m looking for an older Helmstetter cue.
    Thank you, Dave
    I’m looking for a good investment cue- Can we talk maybe ? Thx Dave
    Thx- I’m gonna need a couple days- My dog just passed
    Thx- I’m gonna need a couple days- My dog just passed
    Any chance we could talk ? I’m at 530-600-3351 after 10am PST. Thx Dave
    How are you holding up Master Chief? Wishing you the very best during these crazy times.
    AV great hearing from you!! Nice to see you lurking and posting. Not sure if you are still making your way back to the Hampton Roads area, but I would like to meet you the next time I am down to see my folks in Chesapeake. I will be sure to send you a note sometime over the summer. Be well brother!
    Got your reply. Did not read that post of 9/11. I don't put a lot of time here anymore. Trying to improve my pool game................ (grin)...................

    Hey, me too! Thisclose to being a B player for my part!

    Great luck in that pursuit, and in all you do.
    Thanks for asking, Chief.

    My last post (on 9/11/16) explained it. I'm still lurking, and have returned in one thread a day or so back.

    Best wishes to you and yours, Chief.
    Thanks, Chief. I appreciate your kind words. I'll always push back on any claim that all people of a certain variety are all one way, as I think in terms of individuals, not groups.
    I see you are a Chief, I assume the USN. I was a dentalman in the navy and met and treated more than 20 members f the Liberty crew. I respect your Navy rank and will not fight with you. By the way, I am also from Virginia, Lynchburg by way of Farmville.
    Thanks for the rep, AVM. We with the longer time frame (I turned 60 in March) have had the benefit of seeing that longer history unfold to see the terrible trends, which are worsening before our eyes.

    My best to you and yours.
    Actually it goes back to Teddy Roosevelt pretty much. It is only getting worse and more obvious as time goes by. They know the general populous will do nothing but ***** for a time and then on with something else. This is actually something Bishop has correct, the speed things happen today. There are many that feel the same way you do. I was a life long Democrat... til about 3 years ago when I turned off the TV and started finding old books to read. What a life changer.
    To be asked to be your friend is a real honor.....An old Warrior like yourself I have the very deepest of respect for...thank you for letting me know I made the cut...I hope all is well these days....
    Thank you again sir.
    Thanks for the green Av. I've worked hard for the past 53 years, but I'm not sure I deserve where I have landed. We feel so blessed. :>)
    This is a milestone birthday for you. May the coming years bring you happiness, good health, and love in your heart.

    AV, I notice you have a lot and a wide wide variety of friends, and wow, they actually respect you!! I am honored to be among them. Hope all is well with you and yours and that your work is a little closer to home. I seem to recall you taking a job or two up North. Be well and thanks for the rep!
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